About the brand name of the drug

Cenforce 100 is a brand created through Centurion Pharmaceuticals in India. The product is a sildenafil citrate salt, and it is prescribed for male sexual issues like Erectile disorder (ED). The medication comes in different sizes, with a variety of price ranges based on a person's needs. The drug is an Rx medication, i.e., it can be bought when a doctor prescribes this medication to patients on paper, known as a prescription.  This same type of salt can be sold in the USA under the brand name Viagra made through one of the major players in the pharmaceutical companies, i.e., Pfizer.

Cenforce has the generic name sildenafil citrate at a dose capacity of 100 milligrams. The medication is prescribed in cases where a man does not experience a satisfying sexual erection while having sexual relations. Sildenafil causes the penis to become hard and an extended sexual erection. It is available at any medical store or online pharmacy, and it is readily available throughout the entire world.

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About salt in the drug

Sildenafil citrate is improves the time of erection to ensure that males can enjoy pleasure in sex throughout the night. Viagra is available in the USA, Shilajeet a natural treatment, Tadalafil and Vardenafil are just a few of them. However, it is advised to begin with the lowest dose. Based on the results, you can increase the amount if needed.

Medical the uses of the drug

 Cenforce 100mg can be used those males who cannot have sexual stimulation or sexual activity, sildenafil aids in erecting the penis through increasing blood flow into the penis. The cause could be age or health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety. The medication is usually taken 30 minutes before having sex, but a shorter treatment for the condition mentioned.

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 It is also a prolonged duration treatment alternative in the case of Pulmonary Arterial
Hypertension(PAH) for males and females. The medication works by dilating the arteries that connect the lung and the heart and lowering blood pressure.

Drugs work : The tablet can block the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5, a protein responsible for degrading cGMP that is present in the bloodstreams. CGMP boosts blood flow to specific organs in the body. Sildenafil increases the amount of cGMP within the penis, which increases blood flow.

The best time to take this medication is about 30 minutes before sexual activity. It should be taken with a full stomach or at least 2 hours following eating and plenty of water.

Effects on the side

The severity of the adverse effects may range from mild to extreme, and it differs from person to
person because of the distinct genetic make-up of each person. Some of the side effects that are
associated with this drug are:
 Nausea, headache, or dizziness
 Diarrhea or vomiting
 The loss of sight may be temporary or for a long time.
 Tingling sensations in feet and arms
 Urine with blood
 Pain in penis
 Heartbeat irregularity
These adverse effects typically occur when the medication isn't taken with appropriate
precautions in line with the dosage of this salt.

How to use

 The tablet should be consumed by mouth. It is recommended to take it with a full stomach to
lessen the chance of any side effects associated with this tablet.
 If the dose is not accepted, you should take another amount within thirty minutes after sexual
 Do not take this medication every day. Take it once a day, and that too before sexual activity.

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Drugs that are believed for their interaction with the medication

Organic Nitrates: Nitrates are utilized in cardiac health problems to boost blood flow within blood vessels. Sildenafil consumption in conjunction with it could result in increased
bloodstream cGMP levels that may exceed the safety margin.

Alpha-blockers: this type of class creates hypotension when combined with sildenafil.
Stimulators of CGMP: This includes substances like Riociguat, which may cause dangerous levels of cGMP levels in the blood

Protease inhibitor: antiviral including efavirenz, nevirapine, and others can cause a delay in the absorption process of sildenafil by the body.

How to stay clear of taking the medicine

Do not take this medication if it causes any of:
 Allergies: The person may react to one of the drug's components.
 hearing impairment If ringing is evident in the ear, the medication must be stopped right away
 Heart problems: Any cardiac health concerns where sex is not allowed to the patient. This could
cause stress to the cardiac muscles.

Some points to be aware of when taking the drug

 The consumption of grapefruit along with the consumption of the drug can slow sodium
absorption by the body
 Consuming a large meal such as fries or cheeseburgers can result in a delay in absorption
 Do not take any herbal medicine or vitamins in conjunction with sildenafil. Discuss with your
physician about each medication you are taking before changing on to Cenforce 100 mg.

General Information

 Please make use of Cenforce 100 mg only when prescribed by your doctor.
 Use the medicine according to the directions.
 Do not take more than one tablet within a day
 See your doctor in the event you have any reactions

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 Alcohol Drinking alcohol in conjunction with the substance can bring blood pressure to anunhealthy degree. Therefore, avoid using alcohol while you are taking the medication.

 Birth: Consumption of this drug during pregnancy can cause harm as it can cause congenitaldisabilities in the fetus.

 Lactations of Cenforce 100mg in breastfeeding women are not advised as chemical metabolitesof the drug are secreted into milk.

 Children: The use of this medication in children younger than 18 years of age. It can increase the risk of death among children.

 Driving: Use of this medication while driving is not permitted as such.


Avoid direct sunlight falling onto it since it could cause the drug to oxidize. Also, don't store the medicine in humid and humid environments because it could cause destruction.

General FAQs about the drug

Will the use of this drug cause any deformities in sexual organs?

There are no structural changes noticed as of cenforce 100 mg tablets usage.

Is the erection caused due to cenforce 100 mg painful?
The drugs are intended to be consumed during difficult situations, i.e., when there is no other option for treatment. In this scenario, it shouldn't be painful.

What are the substitutes available for this particular drug?
Sildenafil citrate substitutes are vardenafil and tadalafil.

Is the use of this drug habit forming?

The drug does not create any addiction.

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