In the first class, with a new mood, the teacher gave us a general introduction to CCNA certification Source. The teacher is very energetic and teaches the lesson fast. If you doesn’t pay attention, you cannot catch up with him. The teacher’s vitality also drives my passion. Although the course is intense, I feel tired but very full.

We participated in the training of Cisco Network Academy. The courses began on March 19 and ended on June 26. The courses are arranged on weekends. Since the training location was not in our school, we must get up early and arrive before 8:30. The two-day weekend courses contained large amount of information. And I had difficulty understanding many points. Fortunately, there was a week between two classes. In this process, I could read the electronic textbook repeatedly.

I first carefully read the electronic textbook,

And then did each chapter quiz in the textbook. Of course, there were many interspersed PT experiments. I did the experiments of the first few chapters carefully. Finally, I took chapter tests within the specified time every week. In this way, it took a lot of time to read the electronic textbook, do experiments and take chapter tests. During my study, I encountered many problems which took a lot of time. When doing test questions, you will also encounter many problems, which will also take a lot of time. So at the beginning, I spent a lot of time on learning for CCNA certification exam. I read a chapter of the CCNA textbook each night and did some PT experiments at the same time.

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In the process of CCNA certification learning,

Dong experiment is indeed very important to the understanding of theory. Its importance is self-evident. My understanding of the importance of experiment mainly comes from the experience that when I encounter some puzzles in the process of learning theory, I feel suddenly enlightened after doing the experiment. 

The advantage of taking online CCNA certification courses is that it is a long learning process and you can systematically learn a lot of basic theoretical knowledge. In addition, as long as you are qualified, you can apply for an exam discount of 50% after ending the course. This is very economic. If you choose some other training institutions, there must be no discount, and the training price is basically about 333 US dollars.The most unbearable thing is to finish the four semesters’ courses of CCNA certification in just a few days. I can’t do it anyway. Many people say that CCNA certification is the foundation of Cisco certification. It’s better to participate in CCNA certification training to lay a solid foundation if conditions permit, and then you can learn the content of CCNP certification by yourself. I agree with this.

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