If you are the owner of any website, your social, legal, and digital responsibility is to ensure AccessiBe you have the proper WCAG and ASA compliance intact. In the past, businesses had to spend a lot of money when it came to making their sites compliant. They had to hire web developers for the task, and the whole process was time-consuming and expensive. Small to medium scale businesses faced a lot of financial hardships; this is why they often resorted to DIY methods that often made them make mistakes, subject the business subject to legal suits.

AccessiBe is an AI-infused, affordable, and quick solution for website accessibility and compliance. It is a reliable and powerful solution that makes it simple and faster for you to comply with all the ADA and WCAG guidelines making your site accessible for users with disabilities.

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This tool is a highly trusted and credible tool trusted by big names like The Next Web, Abbott, Belkin, and Jimmy Choo. It runs in the background and never interrupts the user’s browsing experience. It is ideal for any WordPress site, and you just need to install the AccessiBe plugin; however, if you do not have a WordPress site, you can still use it, as it takes a snippet of your JavaScript code to function.

Seamless customization options

This innovative tool has two unique applications that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to function. The first application operates in the foreground and gives the user seamless customization options for the user interface like color, font, contrast, etc.

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The second application deals with the more complicated functions linked to the keyboard navigation and the screen reader for visually impaired users and others. If a user does not activate any of the above accessibility options from the “profile” option, there is no change in the browsing experience. The applications run silently in the background and enhance the user experience of your website.

Quick to install for your website and functions instantly

This tool is very quick for you to install, and it takes less than five minutes. The official website has guidelines for the installation process. There is a section dedicated to common FAQs that you might have when it comes to this innovative tool for website accessibility.

Scans your website daily to make it fully compliant without your intervention

This tool alleviates your tensions when it comes to accessibility and compliance standards. It automatically scans your site every 24 hours to ensure your site is fully compliant. It scans new content and ensures it is compliant in under 48 hours.

With AccessiBe, you are able to focus on your business operations and keep expensive lawsuits at bay. This tool gives you the scope to remain fully compliant and ensures everyone who accesses your site gets an enhanced user experience. It is convenient for every business, and a highly trusted solution for all your website accessibility needs with success!

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