PDF files are one the best ways to exchange documents online. PDFs are widespread for various reasons. They are easy to make, easy to encrypt, and can be kept safe when being exchanged over the Internet. They are also highly compatible with internet browsers. Creating PDF files may be challenging, however, reading a PDF file can be relatively easy.

Unlike word docs, not everyone can edit PDF files which is why they are so popular when you need to share important confidential information with people over the internet. Credit card statements, government documents, and bills are usually sent through a PDF file. Since it has been in use for years, PDFs are used for pretty much everything.

You do not need unique hardware or software to read PDFs, but unauthorized people cannot change any data within a PDF. However, this encryption is a two-way sword. Editing a PDF isn’t as straightforward as opening and reading it. You need specialized tools like sodapdf.com/de/pdf-verkleinern/ to manipulate a PDF according to your needs.

Even minor edits require the use of third-party software to edit PDFs. With that in mind, we have made a list of the 9 best free PDF editing software that you can use for free for simple editing needs. This software may help you edit small parts of your PDF easily. All of the software mentioned in the list below are either completely free or offers basic features for free. Let’s jump right into this list:

1. Apple Preview

Apple Preview is a default software included in every MacOS device. It is perfect for users that already own an Apple device. Preview is good enough for basic editing and provides a set of advanced tools that should satisfy most use cases.

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If you already have an Apple device, you don’t need to overextend to find PDF editing software. Simply launch your app and start going about your editing. The one fatal flaw with Apple Preview is the lack of support for third-party operating systems. It will only work on macOS devices.

PDF Xchange editor

PDF XChange Editor is a downloadable free pdf editor software. This software can also be used online as they offer an online-only version. There is a premium version license you can buy.

PDF Xchange editor offers most PDF editing features you could need and then some. The ace up its sleeve, however, is OCR or Optical character recognition. This allows the software to recognize text from images making it much easier to copy and reformat the text from scanned documents.

One flaw with PDF Xchange is the fact that using its premium features leaves a watermark on your completed document if you haven’t bought the premium license. However, given the capabilities of this editor, you may be ok with that.

3. Small PDF

Small PDF is an online PDF editor perfect for on-the-go PDF edits. A completely online software, the free version of Small PDF is good enough for most people that need to edit their PDFs.

One of Small PDF’s standout features is the ability to electronically sign PDF docs online. The platform also allows you to convert your Word docs to PDFs and vice versa. There are other compelling tools on the platform that make it easy to recommend.

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The only flaw with Small PDF is the atrocious limit of being able to edit only two documents in a day. However, it is perfect for the average individual that needs to edit PDF documents in a pinch.

Adobe Online PDF Editor

Adobe offers a basic PDF editor online, which again is great for on-the-go edits and suggestions. Since Adobe invented the PDF format, you can trust this software.

The online PDF editor from Adobe is perfect for confidential documents and professionals that use Adobe Acrobat on a daily basis. They can leave comments and edits on PDF files in a pinch and confirm these when they are on their work computer.

It may not allow direct editing but it features high on this list because it is good for professionals that work with PDF files on a daily basis.

5. Appy Pie PDF Editor

Probably the easiest editor on the list, Appy Pie PDF Editor is completely free to use. With its intuitive interface, editing your PDF files is a breeze. With e-signatures and OCR, it provides all the features you might need from your PDF editor.

The platform has no watermarks on pdfs you export and neither does it store user data meaning you can edit confidential pdf documents without worrying.

6. PDF Candy

Cute name aside, PDF Candy is a compelling pdf editing option. Candy’s feature set tends to be a bit limited when put against the other tools in this list, however, it is a compelling editing option for most people.

The best part is you can edit large pdf files in one go and then download them directly. You can even create and convert PDF files. PDF Candy is popular for its OCR capabilities and can read the worst of handwriting too! However, its tech editing features are very limited.

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7. PDFescape

PDFescape is a paid software. However, its online version is free to use. It provides a good set of tools that can help you edit all your PDF documents easily. Despite its excellent feature-set, PDFescape has a major flaw – 10 MB maximum size.

8. Sejda

One of the simpler tools, Sejda is another free editor with a focus on privacy and security. It deletes all the data once you are done editing your PDF files. Sejda has a simple interface well suited to people new to editing PDFs, however, its free version has limited features. Still good for normal edits.

9. PDFSam Basic

A simple editing tool, PDFSam is an ad-free and simple pdf editor. Another online tool that does not retain your data, PDFSam Basic might be all you need. If all you need to do is merge files or organize your PDFs, look no further than PDFSam Basic.

Summing Up

That was our list of the best free PDF editing software for 2022. Most of these tools are more than enough for everyday editing. Start editing your pdfs for free today! However, if you need to edit pdfs every day, it is still recommended to buy a complete PDF editing solution such as Adobe Acrobat.

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