If you’re looking to purchase a Business VOIP Phone System for your business in the UK, there are a couple of main options available and please note you will need a stable internet connection like a leased line. First, there’s 4Com. It’s not as tech-forward as RingCentral or MS Teams, but it does offer very affordable business VoIP phone systems and good customer service. Its main selling point is its dedicated account manager in the UK. Then there’s Nuacom. Nuacom is similar to 4Com, offering a UK dedicated account manager and basic desktop applications.


Many business VOIP phone systems are now available in the UK, and many of them can save your company money from day one. For example, a VoIP provider like One2Call offers free inter-site communication, which is useful for businesses with many remote locations. In addition, VoIP systems can be used from any location with an internet connection, such as your home or mobile, using a virtual private network. VoIP systems also enable remote employees to use their VoIP phone numbers, and their number stays linked to the main office.

bOnline offers small-business-focused packages that can grow with your business. Their packages include more than 50 features, including call recording, after-hours smart routing, virtual receptionist, mobile app, and more. Plus, you can choose a plan that offers unlimited VoIP calls and makes calls to 36 destinations around the world.


The Nuacom Business VOIP Phone Systems offer businesses with various features a great way to save money on their phone bills. The company offers three different packages – a basic telephone service, a fully-featured VoIP phone system, and a Premium plan with higher usage. The company offers a comprehensive support service and low monthly flat fees.

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Whether you need to make calls to clients in a different country or just want to connect with co-workers in the office, the NUACOM system will keep your phone lines active. Nuacom has a wide range of VoIP-compatible phones and software that can help you get started with a VoIP phone system for your business. The company also helps you transfer your old phone numbers to your new system.


The 8×8 Business VOIP phone system is the perfect fit for a business owner who is looking to streamline their communication needs. They offer several features and options, including team messaging, unlimited SMS, live chat, and online faxing. Additionally, the platform includes a variety of management tools and an easy-to-use admin dashboard. 8×8 has received high praise from consumers for its simplicity and ease of use.

8×8 offers the best value for basic business phone service, with unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, as well as many call management features. It also has a simple installation process, and around-the-clock customer support.


If you’re looking to improve your business communications, consider a VTSL Business VOIP Phone System. Unlike traditional analog phones, VoIP phone systems don’t require a complicated installation. A few basic steps will set up your VoIP phone system. There are many options for small businesses to choose from, and all of them offer different features.

VTSL is a UK-based provider of hosted IP communications. Their services include VoIP phone systems and internet connectivity. They offer different plans, including one that gives you inclusive minutes for UK numbers. They also offer an international plan and provide 24/7 technical support.

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Lily Comms

Founded in 2009, Lily provides award-winning business phone systems to over 2500 businesses in the UK. With engineers and communication specialists based in Leeds, they provide bespoke solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. Whether you’re looking for an enterprise-level business phone system or an affordable one for your home office, Lily can help.

The Lily Comms Business VOIP phone systems UK offer an array of features and options to help businesses get the best possible service for their needs. They offer a free cost-saving audit for existing clients and can help you cut costs in the long run. Lily also offers pre-configured devices, so there’s no need to purchase your own phone system.


3CX is a software company that specializes in private branch exchange (PBX) systems. They have an award-winning phone system that is perfect for businesses. Their system includes call center features and an easy-to-use interface. You can connect all of your employees and customers to a single system. This can save you time and money by reducing the number of phone lines you need to manage.

3CX’s feature-rich PBX phone system is very affordable. It does not require any expensive physical hardware. The company only charges for the number of extensions and simultaneous calls. This way, you’ll save up to 80% on phone bill costs. 3CX also offers integrated web conferencing, which eliminates the need for travel.


BT Business is one of the leading providers of VoIP phone systems in the UK. They offer a wide range of features and can be tailored to suit your business. They can also be used to support multiple lines and require no hardware setup. BT business phone systems can be used on premises or in the cloud.

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BT VoIP phone calls have similar quality to those over landlines. However, there are some factors that can affect the quality of the call. First, the quality of the internet connection can affect the quality of the call. Some customers may consider upgrading their internet connection to improve call quality.

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