Aging is one of the aspects that cannot be avoided. While one can exercise and eat healthy food to ensure excellent health, it would be best to click here and learn about personal health home care. As we age over the years, some health problems can become unavoidable. Many older adults in families need personal care and assistance to perform specific tasks and activities. 

In such cases, many families often get confused between the terms home care and companion care. There are some critical differences between both terms that you should know before hiring any service. It would help you evaluate your loved one’s condition and select the most suitable care service for them. 

Let’s learn more about the differences between home and companion care below. 

What is home care?

Home care or in-home health care is a temporary service that helps older adults to maintain their health and recover from a given medical condition that could be diagnosed within the home. A licensed nurse or professional may visit the patient frequently at their home. The nurse may provide assistance and care with wound care, therapy, etc., to assure that the patient recovers from their medical condition in the comfort of their home. 

Home health care s become a commonly demanded service for many patients with newly diagnosed medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Such a service also provides care and support for the patient-facing injuries caused by accidents. Home health care ends after the designated time once the insurance coverage is due. After the end, the patient could likely recover and perform daily tasks independently. 

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What is companion care? 

Companion care often involves a caregiver trained to offer daily or weekly maintenance by helping with various activities and errands. Companion care can significantly help a patient with daily activities. Patients with mobility or memory medical condition must seek services. 

Companion care offers a method for older adults to live independently while still being able to receive care from caregivers. Older individuals can rely on  for short-term assistance in various tasks that would be otherwise difficult to perform.

The difference 

The primary difference between home health care and is the duration of service. Home health care can last for an extended period, while companion care is a short-term service. Professionals providing home health care must go under formal training while professionals under companion care are not. 

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