Is semi permanent makeup the same as permanent makeup? It is the most asked question from clients during appointments and consultations. 

For instance, you finally decide to reshape your eyebrows and lips and find two different terms in research. One is semi permanent makeup SPMU, and another is PMU permanent makeup. So what’s the difference between them? 

Here in today’s article, we will try to know the detailed difference between both terminologies and why there is so much confusion. So let’s begin. 

Is there a difference between semi permanent makeup and permanent makeup? 

The clear answer to the question is “No.” But, yes, both types use the same methods for the desired results. You may find it strange as both the terminologies are completely different. So how can it be the same thing? Don’t worry, let me explain to you in detail. 

The main reason to call cosmetic tattooing techniques permanent makeup is that it is confused with traditional tattooing methods. Traditional tattoos usually last forever, so cosmetic techniques are termed as permanent makeup from that concept. 

However, the reality is not the same as traditional tattooing techniques. Permanent makeup has a time duration maximum of 3 years. After three years, the pigment will start lightning up and fade. So it’s not a permanent thing. 

Due to this, many artists in the beauty industry market their services in the name of semi permanent makeup. On the other hand, many artists use permanent makeup terminology to sell their services. 

Here at Brow Queen LA we called it semi permanent makeup. So don’t confuse yourself between both types, and also no need to ask from artist to artist. The duration of the cosmetic tattooing will stay the same. The only thing that will affect the longevity of results is the artist’s experience and pigment quality. 

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However, according to my experience, a very long-term pigment will fade with time and will not be good in the end. The excellent quality pigment will stay for a longer time on the skin but fade eventually. So, in the end, you can get a grey color of the pigment. Such color will leave an undesirable look. 

How does permanent makeup work? 

Permanent makeup( also called semi permanent makeup) is a cosmetic tattooing technique. The method uses tattoo machinery or handheld pen-like tools with needles. 

Your artist will use these tools to implant the pigment in the dermal layers of the skin. 

The main aim of permanent makeup is to enhance the facial appearance of different features like eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. However, it isn’t limited here. The micro pigmentation and scar camouflage techniques are also used to hide any north marks and surgery scars. Furthermore, the permanent makeup also provides permanent blush and eyeshadow facilities. For different procedures, permanent makeup has different terminologies and costs. 

The industry arose in early 1980, and till then, there have been new techniques and advancements. However, women are the main consumer of permanent makeup techniques. I am not saying men don’t take it, but women are the main consumers. 

Permanent makeup vs. tattoo: Main difference 

Yes, there is a difference between permanent makeup and tattoo techniques. 

One of the most common differences is that tattoos use ink. On the other hand, permanent makeup uses pigments. Tattoo ink comes in different types, shades, and colors. On the other hand, the pigment comes in shades of black, brown, and pink. 

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The pigment of permanent makeup is non-toxic, plant-based, and implanted in the dermal layer of the skin in terms of beautification and modification. The pigment of permanent makeup usually comes in the form of very small particles and fade with time. 

On the other hand, the ink of the target has large particles that will not absorb easily and stay for a longer time. The time limit of a permanent makeup pigment is around 3 years. While a traditional tattoo can last up to 10, depending on the shade and brand of ink. 


Here in this section, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the difference between semi permanent makeup and permanent makeup. 


  1. Is semi permanent makeup the same as a tattoo?

No, semi permanent makeup is not the same as a tattoo. Permanent makeup and semi permanent makeup are the same thing. Traditional tattoo is different and lasts longer than semi permanent makeup. 

  1. What is the difference between semi permanent makeup and microblading?

Microblading is a subcategory of semi permanent makeup. During microblading the artist uses short hair strokes like pigment to mimic the natural hairy eyebrows look. Microblading is a great way to reshape your eyebrows. 

  1. Which lasts longer: microblading or micro pigmentation?

Both are semi permanent makeup techniques and will have almost the same durability. The average longevity of a  is about three years. The durability varies from person to person and depends on the quality of the pigment. 


In conclusion, I hope now you will no longer have confusion between semi permanent makeup and permanent makeup. There is no difference between  type and permanent makeup. So if you have decided to get your eyebrows and lips, then there is no better choice than brow queen service. Visit us today for the most satisfying results from the industry expert. 

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