Alang Madan Kulang trek is popularly known as AMK or Alangad Mandangad Kulangad that lies in the Kalsubai range of the Sahyadris in Nashik district of Maharashtra. People should visit for this trek in a group with at least two people having expert knowledge in mountain climbing and who knows how to use the mountaineering equipment.

Suitable Time To Do Alang Kulang Trek

The most suitable time to do the Alang Kulang trek is from October to February. Because of the technical nature of the terrain, it is best to do terrain after the monsoons and before summers. This will ensure us not to get exposed to elements and also to the extremely technical terrain during the heavy rains and high heat during summer season.

Things To Take Online Madan Kulang trek.

1.First aid kit
2.Technical equipments
3.Identity card
4.Sleeping bag
5.Sleeping mat
6.Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
7.Quick dry T-shirts
9.High calorie snacks (nuts & dry, fruits and home baked cake)
10.Lemon and salt OR electrolyte powder/ drink

Difficult Sections On The Alang Madan Kulang vv mnb6

Alang Madan Kulang trek has been rated as the most difficult trek because the entire trek is filled with difficult sections and technical challenges. People need to tread carefully throughout the trek except for the walks on the top of the forts which is the easy part.

1.Slippery trail

The trail of this trek becomes more tricky in the post monsoon months as the rocks and goose gravels becomes very slippery and great caution must be taken while traversing. All the trekkers need to be very careful about their choice of footwear and should check the weather charts to avoid anticipated heavy rains.

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2.Completely exposed ledges
There are few places here where one of the sides are completely exposed to more than 1000 to 2000 feet drop while the other side is smooth as well as slippery. They have to be traversed cautiously as one wrong step would risk everyone’s lives. Always take support of the ropes if it is available.

3.Rock climbing and rappelling on vertical walls
It sounds very thrilling and these are the sections which pose the most risk. Must ensure that there should be experts in the team whether it would be our own teammates or hired guides who all are versed in mountain climbing. It is also important to carry ropes, harnesses, carabiners, mittens, gloves and helmet on the trek.

4.Steep rock-cut steps
The steps which have been carved on the rock pose a safety risk on this trek. There are near vertical steps on the different parts of the trek which must be traversed with care and support of ropes on the sides wherever they are available. The risk increases manifold soon after the monsoon season when these rocks are slippery with probable moss formation.

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Nearby Places To Visit After Alang Madan Trek

1.Ratangad trek
Ratangad fort is the part of Kalsubai range which consists of the high peaks in the Sahyadris. Ratangad gives one of the best views of surrounding peaks and Bhandardara dam.

2.Harishchandragad trek
This trek is also one of the most challenging treks in the western ghats of Maharashtra. It is a very popular trek which offers a variety of adventures to all kinds of trekkers.

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3.Kalsubai trek
The Kalsubai track is also a very special track in the Sahyadri area. It is the highest peak in Maharashtra of about 5400 feet and can be easily accessible from both Mumbai and Pune. This trek offers an amazing combination of natural environments like magnificent waterfalls, forests, grasslands and historic forts.

4.Sandhan valley trek
Sandhan valley trek is also known as canyon trek in the Sahyadris. It is very unique as it is the only canyon trek in Maharashtra. It is also known as the valley of shadows as the sunlight does not reach the bottom of the canyon.

Bhandardara is a village located in the Tehsil Akole in Ahmednagar district. It is famous for the magnificent Arthur lake and marvelous Wilson dam. People often visit the dam for overnight camping and to watch the spectacular view of the Milky Way on a clear night due to the extremely light pollution in this area.


So here is all the information about everything you need to know about Alang Madan Kulang trek. People will love the trekking trail and have a very amazing experience. Everyone should visit this place for trekking with their family, friends and collagenous.

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