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How 2023’s Women’s Shorts Trends Are Already Finding Customers Now

Women's Shorts

Shorts for Women’s Shorts are more versatile pieces of clothing than you can imagine. They can be repurposed, mixed, and matched in an array of stylish ways. Plus, they come in a lovely variety of styles, colors, and sizes — there’s undoubtedly something for everyone!

We’ve noticed that most shorts trends evolve season after season and year after year into upgraded versions of themselves, as designers don’t reinvent the wheel. So, you can picture 2023’s trendy shorts for women that might look like spruced-up versions of trends we saw in the last few years, from denim to Bermuda shorts.

For instance, trusty denim has been the king of the shorts kingdom for quite a while now, and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down. We’ll see trendy bright colors like orange (aka tangelo), empire yellow, and green replace the classic denim blue next year.

The revival of Y2K fashion (courtesy of Gen Zers) is another movement that’ll significantly influence many upcoming street clothing styles, shorts included. However, recent indications show that Y2K aesthetic-inspired shorts for women are shifting towards grunge, high-waist, and wide legs.

Today, we’ll look at some of the most fashionable women’s shorts trends for 2023 that are already finding customers. We’ve included some handy styling ideas and tips, as well.

Fashion Trends and Styling Tips for 2023 Women’s Shorts

– Lace Shorts

Lace shorts made from light fabrics are a prevalent fashion trend for warm weather. They will be all the rage in 2023 if heeding recent runways. You can wear them for most occasions and quickly put together various outfits with the same piece.

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From a funky look to street style, casual to formal, lace shorts look fab. The chic factor of lace gives these shorts an incredibly stylish yet delicate look. You can easily team them up with a nice jacket, t-shirt, or dress shirt to pull off a laid-back look for the daytime.

There are myriad ways to rock these sexy shorts. You can wear your pair over tights and leggings in colder weather. In addition, wear a cozy pair of ankle boots with lace shorts for winter and fall.

The real magic happens when you pair it with the correct color. So if you’re looking to put together a last-minute outfit for a summer night or evening, consider wearing a dark pair of lace shorts and a light top – they make the perfect duo for the warm weather. 

Spice things up with a bright-colored top if you opt for a white pair. You can breathe more pizzazz into your outfit by wearing a pink, yellow, or green cardigan, tee, blouse, or shirt. Oversized accessories like large earrings and sun hats can also help accentuate your white lace shorts.

– Leather Shorts

Women’s shorts whipped up from natural or faux leather are trendy pieces you should include in your 2023 wardrobe. And for a good reason—while not the most practical items, leather shorts are super-cute, sexy, and effortless to style. 

Leather women’s shorts go perfectly well with t-shirts and tank tops but also look dashing with sweaters, cardigans, and button-down shirts. As far as shoes go, sneakers and sandals will beautifully complete your leather shorts look, but they also work with boots and heels.

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You can quickly ditch cotton and denim shorts in favor of leather pieces. They don’t just look amazing; the leather’s soft buttery texture makes these shorts feel a little more high-fashion, fancier, and more elevated.

You can go all-black, all-pink, or all-[*insert your favorite*] with leather shorts to keep things monochromatic. For instance, wear a black tank top, a black blazer, and black heels with your black leather shorts. These items will make your shorts seem more sophisticated. 

Another easy combo for leather shorts is an oversized graphic t-shirt. Finish off this relaxed, cool, and casual outfit by wearing your favorite pair of white sneakers.

Leather shorts are also superb for offsetting a statement top, such as a ruffled dress shirt. In addition, this is particularly true if your leather shorts come in a neutral color like white, brown, or black. Finally, styling leather shorts with leggings and tights are still stylish. The trick is to opt for a fun print, pattern, or something sheer.

– Bermuda Shorts

If you’re tired of wearing itty-bitty bottoms, Bermuda shorts cover you for the spring and summer months. That’s right; they’re back, bolder, and better than ever. The warm-weather wardrobe staple can be worn anywhere, from brunch to the office to the beach — Bermuda shorts are worth your money.

These lengthy shorts are easy to wear and style, too. The first and easiest way to wear Bermuda shorts is to go matchy-matchy by sticking to a single color. Rocking a monochromatic shorts outfit is fantastic and easy to put together when you’re in a rush.

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If you’re into neutral shades like white, black, or beige, stick to wardrobe staples like t-shirts, sweaters, or tank tops, depending on the occasion and weather. For example, you can combine a white pair of Bermuda shorts with a black-and-white striped sweater. Consider finishing off the ensemble with a nice pair of sneakers.

If you’re heading to the office or a formal meeting, you won’t go wrong by suiting up. Suits are poised to have a moment in 2023, and one that incorporates Bermuda shorts and a light coat is the ideal solution for the office.

Bermuda shorts sets take minimalism to a whole new level. The thought behind the matching sets is about convenience, but choosing a colorful or boldly patterned pair will help you get all the attention you want.

Final Thoughts

Many 2023 women’s shorts trends are taking shape, and we can’t help but stock up now. Bermuda shorts, leather shorts, and lace shorts are some of the biggest trends already finding their way to customers. As for decor ideas, think of floral themes, fringes, and lingerie-inspired details.

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