Many people and immigrants outside the U.S. have aspirations to work for a company and settle within the country. It could only become possible by obtaining a visa to enter the U.S. and work for a company. The U.S. grants visas to the people who qualify to work in the country. The employer usually sponsors such permits, known as Employment Sponsored Visas. 

The EB-1 visa allows a foreign worker to work in the country who has found an employer willing to hire them for a specific position. When foreign workers find a generous employer, they would be allowed into the U.S. permanently without an Employment Authorization Documents. You should contact an eb-1 visa attorney if you want to apply for a work visa.

This blog covers the basic steps on how you should apply for an EB-1 Visa below. These steps are for the foreign workers who have found an employer willing to hire them:


The first step towards the application for an EB-1 visa is to file Form DS-620, an online immigrant application form. The applicant must fill out the form which would be helpful for their visa application. Generally, such forms would be reviewed and processed by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate from where the applicant has applied. 

Vaccination and medical examination 

Medical examination and vaccination are the essential steps in the application process for an EB-1 visa. The applicant would be required to conduct a medical examination and get the necessary vaccinations. The applicant must consult a licensed doctor. The applicant should get their medical documents signed by the doctor to proceed further in the application process. 

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The NVC will approve the applicant’s form DS-620 once it has filled it out. After being approved, the applicant must compile and send the documents mentioned below:

  • Passport with validity for more than six months than the intended date of departure to the U.S.
  • Employment offer letter from the employer-based in the U.S.
  • Approved labor certification 
  • Approved petition
  • DS-260 confirmation page
  • Previous employment letter from employers, if any. 
  • Signed medical and vaccine documents
  • Two photographs meet the U.S. visa photo requirements 
  • Proof of meeting the criteria for the applied category of visa
  • Court and criminal records

Apart from the documents mentioned above, the NVC might ask the applicant to submit additional documents depending on their case. The applicant must pay attention to the instructions provided by the NVC. 


The NVC will review the application and documents once the requirements are met. After reviewing the application, the NVC will schedule an interview meeting for the applicant at the U.S. embassy. The applicant must attend the interview and answer each question the officials ask. 

After the interview, the applicant should wait until their application is approved. Once approved, they would receive an NVC package to travel to the U.S. The applicant should contact an EB-1 visa attorney if they have difficulty in the application process. 

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