Microsoft offers free training programs in Winter and Summer, Microsoft training program to help students prepare for their future careers by learning practical skills through hands-on experience with industry leaders. In this article, I will tell you how these programs helped me get the job I wanted after graduation. The fact that Microsoft comes with such a good reputation means that it’s easier to find a job after attending their training courses. At least that’s my personal experience!

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Microsoft Winter Training

Microsoft is investing in its workforce and empowering employees to empower others. The Microsoft summer training Program offers outstanding training, enabling students to build their skillset and excel in their roles and careers.

This month I had an opportunity to attend Microsoft’s Winter Training and it was well worth it. There I had an opportunity to learn new skills, which resulted in a nice promotion at work.

In addition, learning something new always has unexpected benefits, such as being able to lead my team more effectively. The program introduced several new tools and services that can help us deliver more value to our customers and drive better business results.

What I Learned During the Program

Online certification training courses are fun, and the most important thing I learned during my summer training was how to solve computer problems. There are many types of training provided, including advanced technical skills. The instructors all have impressive backgrounds and they can share with us their experiences in the IT field.

 Microsoft Summer Training offers multiple types of classes that people interested in various IT fields can take. I took part in several courses, and I enjoyed being able to learn new things every day.

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Courses to Prepare for MSFT Exam

The Microsoft Winter Training Program has helped me prepare for MSFT certification. I have enrolled in various courses offered by Microsoft Learning and every course provides an overview of different technologies. I am currently preparing for MCSD: Web Applications as well as MCITP: Windows Server Administrator. The first course is designed to help developers enhance their application development skills and knowledge while they learn techniques to design, develop, test, debug and deploy modern web applications.

What Can You Do With an IT Degree From a Microsoft Certified Training Center?

If you are just out of school and looking for your first real IT job, one of your top priorities may be finding a program that can help you launch your career. No matter what degree you have earned, there is no doubt that having hands-on experience and real work samples will help you stand out from other applicants and ultimately land a better position. That’s why I chose to attend Microsoft Winter training after earning my BS in Computer Science.

My First Job After Microsoft Summer Training

I have gone on lots of interviews and been most recently looking at two jobs. While I do plan to go to college, I did not want my first experience of working to be negative. Given that a number of friends and family members had raved about their own Microsoft training programs, it made sense to apply for the Microsoft Summer Training program.

When the opportunity to take either one of the two positions arose, I gravitated towards sales because it seemed to suit me better at the time.

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Wrapping up

As I’ve mentioned above, Microsoft certification helps you get better career opportunities. When applying for jobs, or just to get a pay raise at your current job, a Microsoft certification under your belt is hard to beat. They let you distinguish yourself from other candidates and they can help to boost your salary if you already have a job. So if you ever consider taking up some new challenges in your professional life, just enroll into one of these programs and you’ll be on your way to success!

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