Taking care of one’s oral health is as important as dressing appropriately for any occasion. Appropriate and healthy dental habits should be instilled when one is still in their early years, that is, as early as their first teeth begin to fall. Taking care of each and every tooth is of utmost importance as it can improve not only the condition of your teeth but also your overall oral health.

While talking about maintaining healthy teeth is one thing, practicing it is another. When it comes to Thornton family dentistry, here are a few important suggestions for taking proper care of our teeth and oral health:

Brush twice a day thoroughly using fluoride toothpaste

It is recommended to use a medium to soft brush so as to not hurt the gums while brushing. One should also remember to angle their toothbrush roughly at 45 degrees towards the gums and to make sure to clean the front, sides, back as well as the top of each tooth. And for the best results, it is advised to use fluoride toothpaste as they are effective in preventing tooth decay as well as killing germs that affect not only children but also adults. 

Regular flossing and tongue scraping

Flossing may not sound as important as brushing, but that is a fatal mistake that many people make. Flossing once a day has many benefits, including preventing the formation of plaques which is responsible for many tooth and gum diseases as well as cavities. It also removes food stuck between the teeth, which, if not done, can lead to bad breath. Similarly, tongue scraping is done to remove bacteria and other harmful elements, which can affect not only the oral cavity but also the entire body.

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Prevent injuring the teeth and using it for other purposes

The main role of the teeth is to chew food, so it is advised not to use one’s teeth as a replacement for scissors while tearing food packets and other items. Although it is more common among athletes, it is advised to use a mouth guard so as to not injure the mouth and the teeth. One should not use other items than a toothbrush to clean their mouth; otherwise, it may cause more harm than good.

One can also look after their oral health by limiting sweetened and acidic food items as they are the forerunners in causing tooth decay and other teeth ailments. It is also advised to visit the dentists on a regular basis to know in which areas we need to work on keeping our mouths clean and healthy.

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