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How to Unblock Websites Using a Proxy Server

Unblock Websites

Unblock Websites Whether you’re a regular internet user or an owner of some top corporation, you’re accustomed to accessing online content instantly. When the opposite happens, it hinders your online activity and keeps you from utilising the information available on the web. 

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there, landing on a web page with the irksome message, “Not available in your country.” 

But gone are the days when there wasn’t a solution to this vexing issue. Technology has advanced, and proxies exist to unblock sites. 

A proxy service enables you to access online content, regardless of physical location. Thankfully, it’s quite simple, too, and this guide explains how. Check out Oxylabs for more in-depth information on proxies.

What Is a Proxy Server, And How  Does It Work?

Unblock Websites A proxy service is a system that forms a gateway between the web and the end-user. Consequently, it keeps hackers from accessing a private network. 

Proxy servers are often referred to as intermediaries because they exist between users and the sites they visit. 

Your device uses an IP address directing the incoming and outgoing data with a return address. So, every time you send an internet request, they return to your IP address, ensuring that the information is transmitted to you. 

However, when connected to a proxy server, it masks your IP address and uses its unique IP. 

This keeps the websites from detecting your IP. If, however, you are using the internet without a proxy, your IP is exposed to the internet. 

Any web server can easily access your IP, leading to security threats and data breaches. Here’s how a proxy server works in a nutshell: 

  • You sent the requests from your IP address to the proxy 
  • The proxy server forwards the request to the site you desire to visit – using a different IP
  • The Unblock Websites sends the response to the proxy server – not your IP 
  • The proxy server provides you with the requested data 
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This keeps the websites from forming a direct connection with your device. Ultimately, your IP remains hidden. 

What Are Geo-Blocks? 

Unblock Websites Regular online streamers know what geo-blocks are. In fact, almost every netizen has stumbled upon this frustrating limitation but may not know the technology behind it. 

Geo-blocking is a process that keeps you from viewing certain content based on your location. The location is detected using your computer’s IP address. 

While this sounds annoying, streaming sites have “reasons” to do it. 

Companies have to buy a licence to distribute content in a specific country. They may choose to omit your location for the right reasons. For instance, if their target audience is UK-based, they would not licence content in China. 

Investing in an irrelevant audience will only waste their resources. Plus, a few websites also block access due to privacy laws imposed by the European Union

Why Are They Annoying? 

Hypothetically speaking, you planned to stream the newly-released film with your friends on a Sunday night. 

You prepared a decent meal and set the perfect vibe to have some downtime with your buddies. 

But you just discovered that “it’s not available in your region.” Who wouldn’t be annoyed at this point? 

Because we’re used to accessing everything effortlessly, nothing frustrates us more when the internet doesn’t live up to our expectations.  

The same goes for organisations wishing to access content to gain business benefits. It may include visiting competitor sites to collect the much-needed data. 

Not being able to view the desired content creates unwanted hassles and deprives us of valuable content that could have been accessed easily if not for the location. 

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How Proxies Help Access Geo-Restricted Content? 

There’s still a ray of hope for those trying to access geo-restricted content. Proxy servers act as an intermediary between you and the internet, keeping the web from detecting your IP. 

When your IP is masked, they’ll fail to access your location. Ultimately, you can unblock the content and view it seamlessly. 

All you need to do is install a reliable proxy server and connect it to your device. Once it forms a stable connection with your device, you need to search for the available regions of the restricted content. 

For instance, if you live in Canada and are trying to access a US website, you must choose the US location from the Proxy bar. 

Click on the location and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your PC to a US-based server. Now, the proxy will use a US IP address, masking yours and forwarding the information to your browser. 

The website you visit never gets to see your IP, allowing easy access. 


Although streaming sites may have valid reasons not to stream content in your region, it’s frustrating by the end of the day. 

Not only does it keep the organisations from accessing content advantageous to their business, but it also prevents random internet users from streaming their favourite sites. 

A reliable proxy service, however, comes in handy at this point.

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