Let’s first take a look at what the new EI direction of CCIE certification is about. The six modules basically Switching Direction cover all kinds of skills tg pcb material that the network needs in practice-architecture / technology / monitoring / security / automation, etc. 

As for architecture: Well, we can see that Sections 1.4 and 1.5 are about SDWAN and SDA, which concern the most direct business interests of Cisco in the past two years. Other contents are still very practical, including architecture design, highly available technology, wireless design, QoS and hardware and software forwarding layer knowledge. If Sections 1.4 and 1.5 do not account for a large proportion, you may roughly flip through them.

Virtualization is a very practical module. After all, virtualization is everywhere. Of course, LISP is destined to be an edge technology. It is only mentioned in 2.3.a.

It’s still meaningful to put virtualization alone as a module. If students can establish the concepts of Underlay and Overlay from the beginning and understand the relationship between them, teachers can save a lot of efforts.

Infrastructure module accounts for 30%. This is the original key knowledge point of R & S + wireless.  It’s all useful things. It is also meaningful to integrate the basic contents of R & S and wireless

Now, when building a network, we basically don’t only consider wired access. In my work unit, wireless access is also in the majority. We have also discussed internally that the conditions for eliminating wired access and employing pure 802.11ac wireless access are now fully mature. At this time, it is undoubtedly right to do this integration in the CCIE certification exam. check exam cost

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The proportion of network assurance is not high, but people who have done operation and maintenance know how important this thing is. There are really not many people who can do it and do it well

In addition, this name can also be regarded as a justification for the term assurance – it is not a fancy telemetry, or the basic technologies you have always known. Collecting and analyzing these data is the connotation of assurance. You can choose a commercial assurance scheme. If you have the ability, you can also develop it yourself. You may need to know about ELK.

Everyone knows that security is very important. Sections 5.5.a.Threatsense and 5.5.d serves commercial interests. The others are useful contents.

Automation: Sections 6.4 and 6.5 serve the commercial interests, and nothing else is wrong. In fact, what this module teaches Switching Direction is not enough to support you to do well in automation at work. At most, you can do well in SDN (script)

However, if you can write script, you can further programming. In fact, I doubted the motivation of changing the name at the beginning. The name Enterprise Infrastructure is not good, because people can’t see what it wants to test. At first, I suspected that Cisco had degenerated and was ready to take the test as another marketing battlefield

Switching Direction Although the name has been changed, and there are indeed a small account of contents that serve the commercial interests of Cisco, most of the contents covered in the whole examination outline are still very basic and important contents. Although the name is no longer R & S, the things are still familiar to us, and there are more new contents. Some outdated points have also been eliminated.

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The content of this exam in fact well matches the name Enterprise Infrastructure.

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