It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we like to keep our food consumption within our inner employee motivation circle. Utilizing Rockoly, you can provide your staff with a home-cooked meal experience without leaving the office. What a difference 60-90-120 minutes of relaxed, stress-free cooking can make in a group’s outlook and approach to their work.

Participants gain more than just an enriching experience from the chef-led online classes; they also reap measurable benefits like enhanced team communication, a deeper comprehension of the unique perspectives of others, the unveiling of previously unknown talents and skills in others, and the establishment of common values.

With all ingredients delivered to your door, team-building cooking sessions are a breeze 

Since more and more people worldwide can now work from home, spending quality time together is more essential than ever. Regular team-building exercises have increased employee participation, cooperation, and a sense of community. 

Dispersed groups can bond through virtual cooking sessions for team building. Cooking workshops as a form of team development are a fun, unique alternative to the usual business event. Professional, personable chefs and event facilitators will assist your team in building trust, communication, and social relationships while they prepare delectable, genuine dishes. To learn more, contact an expert who can provide your team with unique and delicious experiences.

Try some fun team-building activities while you’re in the kitchen employee motivation

Since we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our services, we now offer a variety of team-building activities that may be played during your cooking class to turn it into the ultimate and most fun team-building event possible.

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Charades in the kitchen are a great way to get up and about in front of the computer. If they guessed correctly, someone would replace you as the next performer after your Oscar performance.

Lightning Scavenger Hunt: Use this exciting and engaging activity to flaunt your many interests. You’ve set out on a scavenger expedition to find various items hidden in your home. The winner is the first person to return with the item and an explanation.

Fun and competitive trivia game for the whole team to enjoy! Be the trivia champion by answering questions as quickly as possible to earn more points. Is there a particular tone you’re after? The questions will be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Two great spoken icebreakers are “Something in Common” and “Two Truths and a Lie,” which can help you learn more about the people on your team. Discover your shared interests and try to discover who is telling the truth.

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