6 strategy Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Catalog campaigns are a fantastic instagram method to use the product feed to make advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. After your integration is completed, it’s relatively easy to get your campaigns up and in motion and begin selling.

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Facebook dynamic product ads for products

While the default settings of Catalog campaigns may work well, there are many options to customize your campaigns so that you’re reaching the right people using the correct products correctly.

In this blog, I will walk you through my favorite methods to make sure that I’m doing the right thing.

Six steps to tailor the Facebook dynamic product ads

There are many different elements in Facebook Dynamic Products Ads you can alter, including the text of your ad frames, prices, images and formats, intro cards, and many more. Let’s take a look at each.

  1. Make use of

    dynamic content from your feed to create advertising copy

When you write your ad’s text, Facebook allows you to draw text from your feed, ensuring that your ad is as seamless with the product being advertised as you can.

Facebook dynamic product ads that are dynamic text

If you’re in one of these text fields, press hit the + button near the end of the field so that you’ll be able to see the complete list of available variables.

Facebook dynamic product ads that are customized labels

Depending on how you wish to frame your product, you can combine any of these to create appealing advertising.

Facebook dynamic product ads with the primary text

You can choose to use these as the sole text for the area or create customized messages to the dynamic fields that still represent your brand.

  1. Create custom images

    using frames and prices.

Alongside writing the content, you could also enhance the look of your images by removing them by utilizing your feeds and the text. The first option is the most basic, yet it could significantly impact.

Facebook dynamic product ads catalog cards

If you add an advertisement, click Creative Tools, then choose how you’d like to personalize your creatives.

Facebook dynamic product ads for media

The first choice is to crop the image. This is where you decide which way to place the photo from your feed in the advertisement. Based on the style of photography your photo appears like, it could be logical to zoom in, Zoom Out or Trim and Cut.

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Ideally, you’ll want your item should be the main focus of the area in the advertisement, making it prominent and easily visible and providing the customer with an idea of what they’re getting.

Facebook dynamic product ads are unique tools.

Another alternative is to put it in the Frame. Frames allow you to create a frame around the product. You can observe they are best used when surrounded by text and a transparent background so that the product can be seen clearly.

Facebook dynamic product ads can be added to frames

Finally, you can also include Catalog Info to the image using the same methods that we used in the field for texts.

Facebook dynamic product ads catalog more information.

There are only a handful of choices here, with the majority focused on price. However, it could be an effective strategy to get attention on Instagram or Facebook. Facebook as well as Instagram platforms. The picture above illustrates how to use the Strike-Through Price, including the original price with an arrow and the updated price to showcase the discounted price.

It is also possible to look at the various levers you can pull to change the text. You can alter the form of the field for the price, the font, the color of the design, and the text, select the opacity, then select its location within the art.

  1. Use slideshows whenever possible.

Did you know that you could have multiple images of each item on your feed? Can you turn that sequence of images into slideshows?

Facebook dynamic product ads slideshow

One of the challenges that brands face with Dynamic Product ads is that they usually appear less appealing when they are just one item against white backgrounds.

However, if you have a lot of photos, you can make them into a stunning slideshow.

Facebook dynamic product ads slideshow slideshow

In the above image, you will see that five photos of the same item. Two of them are similar, and the three others show more of the craftsmanship of the chair as well as the real-world staging. We can all agree that combining these photos creates a more engaging advertisement than the one product image displayed on the right.

  1. Be careful with the products you purchase.

Apart from optimizing your creativity, consider the products you’re promoting.

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Have you been using bestsellers? Are you only displaying items that are constantly on sale? Are you focusing on your brand’s products or the other things?

Based on the message you wish to communicate to your clients, You can choose the products you’re promoting and exclude some from the feed entirely.

Creating a product for Facebook is easy and allows you to focus on a particular set of items rather than the whole catalog.

Facebook dynamic product ads for commerce manager

Within Commerce Manager, go to the interface’s left, and then click Sets.

Facebook dynamic product ads for products create an environment

In the upper right corner, you can begin to build sets of products either by filtering options in your feed or by manually selecting each one at a time.

Facebook dynamic product ads for products sets

To add this set of products to your advertising campaigns, you must go towards the Ad Set level and adjust the feed settings.

For all products displayed on Dynamic Products Ads,

  1. Try all formats of ads

For the bulk of this article, I’ve given examples of Carousel advertisements (and the advice that follows will be the same). However, there are three distinct kinds of ads that you can utilize when creating Dynamic Products Ads.

Facebook dynamic product ads with dynamic content formats

As appealing as Carousels are, single Image ads typically perform well on Facebook. Instead of showing multiple choices on various cards, this ad will only show one product. In some instances, it can be very beneficial since you can design the ad copy to be more specific to each product, knowing that the more extensive selections will not be displayed in the form of a Carousel.

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Facebook dynamic product ads and collection ads

In addition, the Collection Ads are an excellent method to provide an engaging and dynamic element to your advertisements. In these ads, you’ll utilize the catalog feed to create some of the ads and the direct experience, but you’ll also be able to select an image or video to kick the experience.

  1. Make use of a carefully curated introduction card

In all honesty, this is one of my top customizations that you can do to the Dynamic Product Carousel Ad. It doesn’t need any extraordinary work in Facebook Ads to make it work or add multiple images to your feed for products.

Facebook dynamic product ads with curated intro card

Under the Catalog card, select Add Card and select Intro Card.

Facebook dynamic product ads intro card

From here, you can build a primary Carousel card the way you would with an ad-hoc campaign.

This is the simplest method to modify the appearance of a Carousel advertisement on DPA to be attractive at the start before allowing users to navigate through the standard set of cards with images of your products by importing your feed.


The first hurdle to marketing through Facebook or Instagram is creating an attractive ad design that can make the viewer stop scrolling. If you’re concerned that a product photo with a monotone background will not make an impact, use an Intro card to give a fully carefully curated first impression. Then allow the customer to explore your products throughout the advertisement.


Create your own Facebook dynamic product ads Today!

There are many ways to make Dynamic Product ads attractive and convert without spending a lot of time. These tips should have you thinking about ways to enhance your advertisements and begin making more sales from your catalog using Facebook or Instagram.


  • Utilize the power of dynamic text from your feed into advertising copy
  • Create custom images using frames and prices.
  • Make use of slideshows when possible.
  • Please make sure you are selective when it comes to your products
  • Check all ad formats
  • Make use of a carefully curated introduction card
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