These days every second person is suffering from a hair transplantation loss problem. The baldness leads to low morale in public and also gives you weird look. These days with proper techniques you can transplant your hair and regrow it as a natural method. Hair transplant in Punjab gives the best results and provides you with volumed hair.

There are mainly two techniques conducted. These are performed by a specialist. One is FUT and FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction

It is a modern stitchless technique.  In the process, the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor area.   The surgeon then implants them into the tiny incisions made in the recipient region. The process is performed by a specialized surgeon in which the number of hair follicles to be grafted is specified.  So, in this way, the hair transplantation process is done.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation

It is a traditional technique. It is most suitable in the case of severely affected patients. The technique requires the surgeon to harvest naturally occurring hair follicles. This is done with the help of a strip from the donor area and then the wound is stitched. The strip is dissected, but the follicles are kept in a saline solution of a particular individual, to expand their lifespan. The individual follicles are then implanted into the small incisions. This is done in a way that produces natural and excellent results.

The process begins with local anesthesia. The administration process start that only numbs the scalp skin. The patient stays awake and can even observe. while the surgeon conducts the procedure. The hair follicles are gently harvested from the donor area. But usually, in FUT, a strip is cut. It will be dissected with the help of a microscope and implantation done.

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The individual hair follicles are implanted at a specific angle and direction with technique.

The process is done  like the existing hairs to achieve undetectable and natural results

The hair transplant procedure is normally a one-day procedure and does not need to admit.  Moreover, it can take 2 sittings depending on the affected area examined by the surgeon.

The latest hair transplant practices and procedures are performed by a professional surgeon. The hair transplant in Punjab is commonly adopted by people. It is done without shaving the donor area if the patient desires to. The donor, especially in FUE will be undetectable after a few days. As in the process, a small micro punch is used to extract the hairs. It also offers a shorter recovery period than FUT.  Here a large tissue must be extracted.

Natural hair will grow after 6 months and with more months, hair will fully grow to occupy the formerly affected region. You can style, dye, or braid the hair according to your wish. Hair transplant results offer total satisfaction when performed by an expert like Dr. Mohan

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