Tarsar Marsar may be the most popular meet-up in India. We don’t offer smooth journeys under this title. This is especially true when the family’s redoubtable journey, Kashmir Great Lakes (or Kashmir Great Lakes), is included in the photo.

Tarsar Marsar, however, is a journey that sees alpine lakes taking on a new life. This is not just because you can camp next to these snow-fed, royal blue lakes (which you don’t have at KGL). These campgrounds are also isolated, which is a benefit in the moment’s trekking script. ).

You can circumvent the entire Tarsar-Sundersar border, giving you multiple views of the real lake!

There’s also the fugitive Marsar who is almost always hiding behind a veil of shadows. This lake is visible from 600-700 ft above the ground. This is a great spot to witness the grandeur of the lake with the sun rising directly above it. This is until the U-shaped vale becomes a clearing and shadows begin to settle over the lake. Within seconds, the lake is gone!

Tarsar Marsar takes you to the heart and soul of Kashmir. From the ancient vill of Aru to Lidderwat’s clearings, the Tarsar Marsar journey takes you right into the heart of Kashmir. Tarsar Marsar’s setting is very similar, in that you are visually stunned for many weeks!

Tarsar Marsar Trek takes you deep into Kashmir to meet completely new guests from Touring India.

You will have the opportunity to visit the tranquil blue alpine lakes during the journey. Marsar, on the other hand, is hidden behind shadows. It can be seen from the protuberance at 600-700 feet. The lake is only visible from the shadows. Tarsar Marsar, therefore, is India’s meet lake.

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The trail is hidden behind a thick layer of green vale and snow. It becomes a little paradise as the lush green timbers become white. Tarsar Marsar is not only for educated pedestrians, but also for amateurs and their children.

Amazing Campgrounds on Tarsar Marsar Trek

This is the best part of the journey. It is the first time you board beside alpine lakes fed by snow. You can also witness the changing colors of the lakes when the sun shines on them. You can’t miss the stunning sunsets and sunrises over the Lake Tarsar and Sundersar campgrounds.

Explore the incredible clearings that lie behind the thick coniferous trees and look out for Gujjar hooches along the way.

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Appropriate Time to Do Tarsar marsar Trek

Tarsar marsar trek is a moderately difficult and beautiful journey through the Kashmir valley. It is ideal for people with a passion for mountaineering. This journey has been a long-running one, and we have all the experience. This is the best time to take this journey, especially between 5th June and the last of September.

. The temperature at tarsar marsar voyage is between 05 and 15 degrees Celsius during the day, while it drops to 03 to 05 degrees Celsius at night. This isn’t too bad.

Tarsar marsar Trek will make you laugh, and you’ll never feel bored. This journey can bring you joy.

Aru Base camp & Fantastic Champaigns in Tarsar Marsar Trek

Aru is Tarsar Marsar’s base camp. It’s a small, idyllic vill that is surrounded by extravagant campaigns. This village is famous for its many lodges, poplar trees, and a runlet that flows through its heart.

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The Aru towns are so happy to welcome pedestrians, they will most likely return again and again. People are drawn to Kashmir by its beautiful nature – meadows and gutters, aqueducts. catcalls. creatures. Flowers everywhere. Jammu and Kashmir is a paradise, which is also called Taj of India.

Before reaching Sundersar campground pass through large Jagmargi champaigns. You will be amazed at its power because of the large champaigns that are girded by mountains. A small stream flows through the pristine vale, which is bursting with flowers in unheroic and blue tones.

How delicate is Tarsar’s marsar journey?

The tarsar marsar trip is not difficult or delicate, but it’s also not hard. This journey takes you to a moderate place.

Although this journey is moderate, if you are fit and determined to travel, you can complete it. Our attendants are there to help you, all you have to do is be strong and able to continue the journey.

Is Tarsar marsar travel safe for me?

Tarsar marsar Trek can be a safe trip if you go with a good trekking group.

If possible, travel with the original tour operator. They can provide the same assistance all the time. Your journey can be memorable and truly enjoyable.

You must be at least 10 years old to travel the Tarsar marsar route. Maximum age is 55. Your fitness is the key to your success.

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