Over the last few years, businesses Eco around the globe, big and small, have been making changes so that their products are more sustainable and eco-friendlier, in a bid to reduce the impact they are having on the environment. The larger the company, the more impact it will have, which is why companies like Ikea, Apple and Adobe are doing all they can to enhance how they operate. But it all counts, so you may even find your local food vendors using recyclable packaging with takeaway salad boxes or switching to paper and cardboard. Read on to find out more about some of the top eco-friendly businesses for 2022.  Please This content is very high quality content: sky bri twitter

Food vendors

Food companies and vendors are working towards becoming more eco-friendly in 2022. They are some of the biggest contributors when it comes to plastic, and food litter is more likely to be disposed of incorrectly, especially if it is takeaway food, so ensuring that the materials they use for packaging are bio-degradable is key. There are a few ways that food and takeaway businesses can improve their packaging, whether it’s going to the shelves, or being eaten on the go such as switching from plastic to paper or cardboard, as this is likely to have less impact on the environment or implementing reusable packaging that can be used to keep food fresh time and time again. 

Furniture manufacturers 

One of the most well-known furniture companies. Ikea are leading the way when it comes to sustainability – whether that’s in ways that customers can see. or behind the scenes. With most of their furniture crafted from wood. they have ensured that almost half of the materials used come from sustainable foresters and the cotton you might find them selling. Comes from farms with high environmental standards. Like the reduction of water used to make the products, as well as decreasing energy usage. Fertilisers and pesticides. Their stores also feature solar panels. 

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Tech companies 

Many tech companies are making improvements to ensure they’re operating in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Companies like Adobe. Apple and Panasonic are all taking steps to consider how they might be affecting the planet. And are making changes for the better – for example. Adobe is making an impact by reducing its packaging. As well as its water use, Apple’s headquarters in California is fuelled from 100% renewable energy. And has planted approximately 9000 trees around the site. And Panasonic is committed to making more environmentally products. As well as moving their headquarters nearer to Penn Station in Newark so employees could reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate the need to drive. 

Cleaning product companies 

Cleaning products can be dangerous to the environment if steps are not taken to reduce their impact – they can cause water pollution. With thousands of chemicals being washed into rivers and streams, which makes them a danger to animals. And they can also affect air quality, and empty bottles are usually not recyclable. There are a lot of cleaning companies that are working towards becoming more eco-friendly such as Seventh Generation. Its mission is to transform the world for our children and grandchildren. And they are doing this by creating plant-based products in packaging that reduces waste. Are made from recyclable materials. And can be recycled themselves. 


Craft beer has businesses Eco incredibly popular over the last few years. With independent breweries and products popping up all around the globe. Many of these companies are not only producing high-quality products, but they’re focusing on making their products eco friendlier and more sustainable too. Whether that’s by sourcing raw materials from local producers. Recycling their plastic and metal waste. Or even running on renewable energy. You can choose your favourite craft beer with the peace of mind that it has been made by doing the least harm to the planet as possible. Read more: sky bri reddit

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