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Underride Accidents: Am I Entitled To Compensation?

Underride Accidents

In an underride accident, a vehicle slides beneath a tractor-trailer after colliding with the rear or side of one. Motorbikes, SUVs, bicycles, pedestrians, and under riders can all be victims.

Contact an Auburn car accident attorney if you or a family member were seriously injured in one of these high-risk accidents.

Override or Underride Accident Compensation

Due to the numerous parties who may be held accountable, recovering compensation for injuries in a truck driving accident may present significant difficulties. These parties could be the truck driver, the trucking firm, the truck manufacturer, the business in charge of truck maintenance, and other at-fault parties. You may seek compensation for your injuries in three ways from these responsible parties.

Special or Economic Damages

Economic losses or out-of-pocket costs stemming from your accident are referred to as economic damages. Documentary proof, Underride Accidents including paid bills or income and salary statements, can frequently be used by your attorney to demonstrate these losses.

Compensation for economic damages includes, among other things:

  • Health-related costs, such as those for hospitalization, therapy, transportation, diagnostic, and medication
  • From the time of the accident to the settlement or trial award date, lost wages may include lost wages and benefits.
  • A reduction in your ability to make money as a result of your injuries, including loss of earning capacity
  • Your car suffers property damage.
  • Marks and disfigurement
  • Unrelated claims could be made for wrongful death.

General or Non-Economic Damages 

Compared to economic damages, non-economic damages are more arbitrary and challenging to establish. The relatively speculative future damages may need to be proven by expert testimony.

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Among the non-economic losses are:

  • Pain and suffering, such as the physical pain and suffering the victim has experienced and will continue to experience due to injuries sustained in the accident.


  • Emotional distress brought on by the disaster, including mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and emotional wounds from physical scarring, all caused by accident.


  • A loss of enjoyment of life is caused by the victim’s inability to engage in activities they once enjoyed.


  • Loss of consortium, which includes the inability to keep a spouse or life partner in a physical or emotional relationship

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are rarely given in harm cases by the courts. The jury must find unusually egregious and outrageous conduct, Underride Accidents  maybe including a conscious and willful disregard for other’s safety, to be able to award punitive damages. 

The purpose of punitive damages is not to compensate the victim for a loss but rather to penalize the at-fault driver and discourage similar conduct in the future.

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