Are our employees not happy with you just because of the mistakes you made when paying them? Are you willing to get relief from the headache that results at the end of every month when calculating the salaries of your employees? If yes, then we are here to eliminate your issues with some important payroll management solutions.

It seems very simple to pay your employees at the end of every month. You just think it’s all about paying their regular wages. However, if you’ve ever been related to an accounting office, you must know the problems one has to face during payments. You have to add different other amounts in salaries like extra hours payments, bonuses, etc. Similarly, a lot of deductions also need to be made just like advance payment deductions and tax deductions.

Managing everything is very difficult. From creating payroll schedules to bringing in payroll software, there are a lot of ways to improve your payroll management. Let’s have a look at all the top-notch ways.

Create Payroll Calendar

The first way is to create a payroll calendar. It is the simplest way to manage a payroll system. You have to create a calendar using a typical calendar. This calendar will contain all the information regarding payments. It contains dates from which the salary start count starts and then ends. It also has highlighted dates when you have to pay your employees.

To create a payroll calendar, you need to use a traditional calendar. It contains all the dates with days on it. You will easily manage your schedules using it. Use colored markers and highlighters to mark special dates on it. Use different colors for different types of dates. For example, you can highlight the deadlines in red and holidays in yellow. You will find the spare or less busy days from this calendar which can be used for payroll management.

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Tax Requirements

Different types of taxes have a high impact on the payroll system of your business. You need to study it deeply and understand it for effective payroll management. First of all, you need to find how many types of taxes apply to your employees’ salaries. Your business will get penalized if you don’t count this tax appropriately.

Tax filing and tax calculation is the most important step. A single-time study will not be enough to get all the information about taxes. Tax rates and schedules keep on changing. So pay special heed to them.

Payroll Policies

Things will get easier if you have a plan to follow. You have your intentions in the main streamline and they will not divert. So, creating payroll policies is the best way to manage your payroll. When creating policies make sure that these are simple and applicable. However, ensure one more thing that you are not going to compromise on these policies. Following are some of the essential things that a payroll policy must contain.

  • A complete overview of the whole payroll process is the first thing that it should have.
  • Classify your employees on the basis of their time. Part-time, full time and contractors are the three main classes.
  • Keep a record of the designation of each employee. Update it if necessary. 
  • Make your employees report to you every single day or once a week as per your convenience.
  • Suggest ways to handle and solve payroll errors
  • Your policy must have all the ways and the whole procedure of calculating and adding benefits and bonuses to salaries.
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Payroll Software

The ultimate solution to all payroll problems is getting payroll software. Getting payroll software will assist you to automate the whole payroll process. Most payroll software comes with an inbuilt time tracking management software to keep an eye on the working hours of your employees.

Moreover, it will have an automatic tax calculation and deduction feature. It will do an excellent job by directly depositing the salaries on the due date. Your employees will receive a receipt of this deposition. 


All other ways will do a nice job in managing your payroll system. However, the most convenient way is to use payroll software. Netchex will provide you with excellent payroll software which has several advanced features.

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