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What Are Bubble Letters?

Bubble Letters

Bubble Letters

Table of Contents

1. What are Bubble Letters?

2. Material Required For Drawing

2.1. Papers For Drawing

2.2. Pencil

2.3. Sharpie Black Marker

2.4. Colored Pencils To Tint Your Drawing

2.5. Eraser

3. The Steps Of Bubble Letter Construction

3.1. Drawing A Capital Letter For A Lower Case

3.2. Make A Rounded-Edged Outline Around The Letter 

3.3. Draw Ovals With A Pencil Over Each Line Of Your Letter

3.4. Inside The Letter’s Loops, Draw Little Circles Or Triangles

3.5. Draw An Outline With A Pen Or Marker

3.6. Getting Rid of Pencil Marks

4. How To Add Details To Your Bubble Letter

4.1. Drawing Cast Shadows 

4.2. Fill In Your Letters With A Color Gradient

4.3. Color Your Letters With Fun Patterns

5. A Few More Extra Tips To Draw Bubble Letters

5.1. Create various styles of bubble letters

5.2. Add A Second Outline For Extra Impact

5.3. Spacing Of Bubble Letters

5.4. Drawing Trick

5.6. Experiment With Drawing Bubbles

5.7. Use Smudgeable Ink Or Gel Pen

5.8. Practice Makes The Man Perfect

6. Final Expression


What Are Bubble Letters?

For those who are not familiar, bubble letters are those with a rounded or the effect of an inflated. Like bubbles. In addition, you can think of them as letter balloons. There are many applications for this design. Bubble letters are simple and great fun creating bubble letters. Sketching out a letter with a pencil, starting with the basics of letters, and drawing an outline of the letter. We can add particulars to our bubble letters by creating a gradient of color shadows, patterns, and shadows. The bubble letters look fantastic on brochures, cards posters, and even in school projects. Bubble letters are great to be used for cartoons, funny titles, posters, designs, logos, graffiti, or even text for celebrations because bubble writing is amusing and welcoming.

The most crucial thing you need to understand when beginning to learn the art of writing bubble letters is that once have a basic understanding of these letters, and then you will have a blast as you go about this. Otherwise, it may appear to be a challenge to you.

Material Required For Drawing

  • Papers For Drawing

Do not use plain construction or paper. They will become fuzzy. When you erase them you could get holes and when color the paper, it will not look vibrant but rather dull. Thicker papers are great to draw and will aid in drawing flow. These sheets are expensive but they are reasonable.

  • Pencil

Make use of pencils that erase easily, and draw dark lines whenever you need. It is recommended to use pencils made by the brand ‘Ticonderoga’ as they are most reliable and easy to erase. You can make use of 4B and 5B pencils. It is flexible enough to create an adequate layer of coverage without becoming sharp quickly and is ideal for finer details.

  • Sharpie Black Marker

These markers create excellent black lines because they are extremely smooth and sharp. One of the best characteristics of this marker is it doesn’t get licked, even after it has been wet it will not cause any mess. Sharpie is well-known because it has high-quality products that provide sharp and bold lines.

  • Colored Pencils To Tint Your Drawing

You will need various colored markers, pencils, or crayons in order to achieve the illusion of bumble letters. It is possible to use colored pencils to tint your drawing using small strokes, or to create a solid layer of layers of color. The use of color offers many possibilities, particularly in the hues.

  • Eraser

Make sure you have a big and well-maintained eraser that does not leave your work environment smell. Clean the eraser prior to making use of it, so that it does not ruin your work, and you will be able to work effortlessly. Make use of the eraser gently, avoid rubbing it too hard.

The Steps Of Bubble Letter Construction

  • Drawing A Capital Letter For A Lower Case

It is possible to start with any letter you would like to start with. A is a basic capital letter and is a good starting point. Make sure they are of a similar size, but it does not need to be perfect. You must use the same procedure for lowercase letters too.

  • Make A Rounded-Edged Outline Around The Letter

Utilizing a pencil, you can leave the same space between the initial letter and the new outline on both sides of the traced letter around the letter. Take care to round off the corners and edges to ensure that your bubble letters appear soft, not like block letters. You can draw as many lines as you wish until you reach the size you prefer. It is important to ensure that the edges aren’t sharp when you touch them.

Draw Ovals With A Pencil Over Each Line Of Your Letter

You can draw separate ovals for every line of the letter if you feel it is hard to outline the entire letter. If you want straight lines draw an oval for each line that resembles the sides of the letter A. For lines that curve, you will need to make use of multiple ovals to cover the entire line, much like the letter C. Explore the different sizes of ovals to figure out the best one for you. In the event that the letters of the different ovals overlap you can remove the lines on the inside to get a more comfortable feel.

  • Inside The Letter’s Loops, Draw Little Circles Or Triangles

For instance, to write A, you require the triangle on the middle-upper part of A, as well as for “B”, You could draw two small circles, one for each of the holes in the letter. You can shade the triangles or circles or leave them as is.

  • Draw An Outline With A Pen Or Marker

Be sure to stay clear of any interior or overlapped lines. You should not trace lines over where short lines intersect with lines that are long vertical. These pencil lines are provided only to help you with making bubble letters. You do not have to adhere to them. Make your own curves and adjust when you draw your letters.

  • Getting Rid of Pencil Marks

Now, erase all pencil marks to make sure there are no visible marks. After you have erased the lines of construction, you will be left with gorgeous bubble letters. Remove the shavings of the eraser to ensure they do not get in the way of drawing further.

How To Add Details To Your Bubble Letter

  • Drawing Cast Shadows 

To give your letter a casting shadow appearance, you can add the black edge on the letter’s edge using markers or a pen to give it the appearance of shadows. You must be consistent with the part of the letters you shadows are for every letter. The foremost thing you should keep in mind is to put shadows over the tiny holes in the letters too. It creates the illusion of a source of light in a specific area of the sheet.

  • Fill In Your Letters With A Color Gradient

If the light source is from above, you could tint your letters by using dark blue at the bottom, and a lighter blue over the top. You have even choose different colors for the top and bottom. Can choose as many different colors you like in one letter, and you can be creative with your color choices.

  • Color Your Letters With Fun Patterns

You are able to fill in your bubbles in any way you would like, that is up to you. Your experiment with Zebra prints, Polka dots, Stripes hearts, stars, or spirals. You can also try Zig-Zag. For a more unified look, it is possible to create a design across all your letters. To give your design a more coordinated look it is possible to create a pattern that covers all of your letters. Utilize colored pencils, markers crayons, or whatever else you would like are using to create your bubble word.

A Few More Extra Tips To Draw Bubble Letters

  • Create various styles of bubble letters

In the past, we have given an idea to learn the basic structure of letters in bubbles. Once you are comfortable with these fundamental constructions you can then tweak the shapes and design your own shapes.

  • Add A Second Outline For Extra Impact

By creating a second outline around the letter, and shadows you can highlight the that your bubble letter has popped to make it even more. It can be done in monochrome with a single color, or in various shades.

  • Spacing Of Bubble Letters

It is possible to play with making bubble letters by adjusting the spacing of each letter within the word. Leave a little space between each letter, and let them meet up. If you think that the letters are overlapping Then just remember to include an outline.

  • Drawing Trick

Draw your lines using an easy hand, so that it is possible to erase the lines with any issues.

  • Experiment With Drawing Bubbles

Try creating your bubbles close enough to touch one the other, or standing in a space with no gaps between them. Then, you can determine what works best for you.

  • Use Smudgeable Ink Or Gel Pen

If you’re using smudge-proof ink or gel pen, make sure you wet it until it is dry before you can touch or flip the page.

  • Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Practice before you start doing the actual thing.

Final Expression

This is all you need to know about the fundamental design of the bubble letter. We hope these easy steps will help you learn how to draw bubble letters quickly. Keep in mind that these are just the basic principles of bubble letters. When you are familiar with these basic rules then you can begin to create your own styles. Bubble letters are fairly simple and enjoyable to draw, as it has color filling and similar things.

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