Bodhi ransom green Family Father: Brian Austin Green Mother: Megan Fox Siblings: Journey River Green, Kassius Green (Step-Brother), Noah Shannon Green

Bodhi Ransom Biography

The actor Brian Austin Green and actress Megan Fox have a kid named Bodhi Ransom Green. He is regarded as one of the cutest celebrity babies and resembles a young Megan Fox. Because Megan Fox occasionally shares images of her kid on Instagram, he has won over the hearts of everybody. Megan, a Buddhist, called him her spiritual inspiration.

The meaning of the word “bodhi,” which has its roots in the Buddhist ideal of a more thorough comprehension of the universe, is “awake” or “enlightened.” He shares a name with Bodhi Rain, the son of Australian actress Teresa Palmer. Despite their best efforts to protect him from the media because of his young age, his parents have already made him famous for having extraordinarily wealthy parents.

Bodhi ransom Birth & Early Life

On February 12, 2014, the couple gave birth to their second child, Bodhi Ransom Green, at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Megan and Brian were able to keep him out of the spotlight despite the paparazzi following them and the harsh criticism they received from both his parents and famous people.

Through “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Megan Fox presented Bodhi to the world in May 2014. It was made public that Megan had filed for divorce and requested shared custody of their boys in August 2015. By 2016, however, the couple had resolved their problems and welcomed a new boy into the family. Bodhi Ransom Green’s major challenge as a child was the pervasive media presence and the unwelcome photographers who continuously

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The Untold Truth Of Megan Fox’s Son, Bodhi Green

Bodhi Ransom Green, the son of Megan Fox, was born in August 2014. The actress was forced to go public with her pregnancy only to have her world turn upside down after Bodhi was born with Down syndrome. The mother has been very open about the birth of her son and even shared some photos of him on her Facebook page.

The family is hoping that the movie star will get to meet her son in person. Bodhi’s father has expressed a desire to see his son meet the famous Hollywood star, but it seems unlikely that he will be able to do so. The family is hopeful that one day they can bring Bodhi to Los Angeles to meet his mom and dad. Fox has been extremely supportive of her son and has even shared some photos of the adorable toddler on her Instagram page. She has also made sure to be open about her son’s condition.

Hobbies and other interests

Bodhi Ransom is a child. But his hobbies are not those of children, his hobbies are using social media apps. He uses Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram,and YouTube. And He Also Looks At The Football Match. Has a lot of Friends in the Social Media Apps. Is a very intelligent child.

He tops the class. He studies in the third class. Have many friends in the school. Is very talented and smart. Also has a good friend in the school. He helps him a lot. Has a very good personality. He also have a great sense of humour. Is very intelligent and smart. He also has a good sense of humour. 

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Age and height

bodhi ransom 8 Years Old. His Height 3.9fit Inches. His Weighit is 35kg.He is Very Cute Boy. He is Very Handsom.

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