Fabrizio Romano is an Italian football journalist and gossip source. He has worked for Sky Sports Italy since he was 18 years old when he got his first job in journalism. He’s known as one of the most trusted football transfer-related pundits in the sport.

Romano started writing about football at age 16 while still in high school. His career as a football transfer journalist began when he was 18, after receiving inside info from an Italian agent in Barcelona regarding then-FC Barcelona player Mauro Icardi. Since then, he has helped build contacts with clubs, agents, and intermediaries all over Europe through his work on Sky Sports Italy.

Romano is based in Milan and works as a reporter for The Guardian, CBS Sports, and caught offside. He is known for using the tagline “Here we go!”, which he uses to announce transfers on Twitter.


How did get start Fabrizio Romano? 

Fabrizio Romano began his career as a football transfer journalist when he was 18, after receiving inside information from an Italian agent in Barcelona regarding then-FC Barcelona player Mauro Icardi. Since joining Sky Sports Italy at the age of 19, he has started creating contacts with clubs, agents, and intermediaries all over Europe.

In 2011, following the sale of Mario Balotelli to AC Milan, Romano published an article on the Italian website Il Mattino entitled “Milan sign the best striker in the world”. The article went viral and helped Milan secure their first major signing since Giuseppe Biava 20 years prior.

Romano has been quoted as saying: “If you want to be successful in this business, you need to know where your bread is buttered.”

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How did Fabrizio Romano get famous?

Fabrizio Romano is an Italian football journalist and pundit. He is best known for his use of the tagline “Here we go!”, which he uses when announcing a transfer deal. According to 90min, Fabrizio is one of the “most trusted” transfer-related pundits in the sports ground. Because of his high reputation and social media following, football clubs have asked him to participate in player announcement videos.

Romano began working as a football journalist for Sky Sport Italia in 1995. 2001, he moved to La Gazzetta Dello Sport where he worked as a columnist until 2006 before joining TMW as a football correspondent. 2008, he became an editor at La Repubblica’s sports section which would later become part of Corriere Dello Sport.

In 2017, Romano was named as a permanent presenter on Rai 2’s Serie A program Striscia la Notizia alongside Andrea Gragnani and Paolo Bonolis.


What is the net worth of Fabrizio Romano?

Fabrizio Romano is an Italian journalist and the author of 5 books. His estimated net worth of at least $1 million. Journalism is his main source of income which he has been into since he was 18 years old. This amount can be expected to rise in the upcoming years because he is still working very hard.

Romano has been writing for many years now and has worked with many newspapers, magazines, and websites. He started his career as a reporter for La Gazzetta Dello Sport in 1995 and later became the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of La Gazzetta Dello Sport in 1997. In 2002, he moved on to become the Deputy Editor for Corriere Della Sera where he worked for five years before moving to work for L’Espresso in 2008 where he stayed until 2013 when he took up his current role as Senior Editor at La Repubblica.

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What team does Fabrizio Romano support?

The young guy was born on 21 February 1993 in Naples, Italy. He attended Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, where he studied International Economics. Romano is a supporter of English club Watford and Italian Club Inter Milan. He is also a polyglot and can speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


How Many Hours Does Fabrizio Romano Sleep in 24 hours? 

Fabrizio Romano sleeps? It’s a question that many people all ask themselves at some point. But it turns out, that Fabrizio is just as tired as the rest of us.

The Italian journalist has managed to sleep five hours a day throughout the transfer window, according to BR Football. He also has a different way of working, which makes him sometimes more trusted than other journalists in determining player transfer issues. Fabrizio applies a kind of ‘slow journalism’ concept, which includes taking time to think things through and get them right before publishing any news.


Why is Fabrizio Romano reliable?

Fabrizio Romano is a football reporter in Italy. He was the first journalist to reveal Manchester United’s intention to sign Paul Pogba.

Fabrizio used his connections in the transfer market to know what he was talking about.

He provided high-quality information for well over a year about the potential move, and then delivered an accurate account of what happened.

When reporting on the failed move to Manchester United, he didn’t hold back on delivering bad news.

Fabrizio would check with his sources at least twice before publishing anything. He would only publish if both sources confirmed something.

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When it came to his sources, Fabrizio Romano remained tight-lipped. He did not name his sources; he preserved their privacy.


Which club is Fabrizio Romano?

Chelsea fans, Fabrizio Romano has given you an update about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s transfer to Stamford Bridge!

Fabrizio Romano is your go-to guy for all things Chelsea. He’s just dropped a new interview with Chelsea Transfer News. The journalist has given us an update on the status of Aubameyang’s transfer to Chelsea.

According to Romano, Chelsea is interested in signing Aubameyang from Dortmund. The striker still has two years left on his contract and it’s expected that he will leave this summer. Aubameyang will be 31 years old when his contract expires next year. So it makes sense for him to move on from Dortmund. Now while he can still play at a high level.

Romano said:

We have been following him for a long time now.” He also added that Chelsea has been tracking him since last summer because they saw him as someone who could fit into their system well. This would make sense as he would be able to play in any position behind talisman. Eden Hazard because of his versatility which also means that he could play up front if required.”


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