The Blue World City Islamabad residential scheme has formally introduced Blue World City Sports Valley. The newest section of the community offers potential inhabitants a sports-focused way of life.

Blue World City regularly introduces innovative and distinctive residential buildings to Society, tempting purchasers and investors. In addition, individuals who prefer a healthy existence with an extensive diversity of frivolous activities should contemplate Sports Block. Sports Valley Block offers new investment prospects with its low plot prices and simple instalment schedule. Sports Valley is a worthwhile decision because of its top-notch amenities, unique qualities, reasonable prices, and payment plan.

Perfect Position

Sports Valley Blue World City’s most prominent feature is its position, though the Society’s management has not yet provided a comprehensive map of the area. Nonetheless, initial reports suggest that Sports Valley has located near Defense Boulevard.

Renowned Developers

The  (BGC) is the owner and developer of the beautiful BWC project. Mr Saad Nazir, the owner of BWC and the CEO and chairman of BGC, was the idea of this endeavour.

The new Sports Valley facility, whose investor and creator is BGC, was delivered under his supervision by BWC. The owners and promoters of BWC have already met their previous obligations by bringing the Burj al Arab, Water Park Park, and Horse Mascots to reality. Next, they aim to put the same enthusiasm and energy into Sports Valley’s features.

Authorized Community

The Rawalpindi Development Authority granted Blue World City a No Objective Certificate (NOC) in 2018. (RDA). The NOC only covered 53.75 acres of property.

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Furthermore, all housing communities would need NOC certification from their District Councilors after the Punjab government implemented the Local Bodies Ordinance in December 2021. As a  consequence, Blue World City Islamabad has gained approval.

A NOC of property outstandingly has been submitted for their new block, Sports Valley. Therefore, the BWC officials are pretty confident that the NOC of this block will be authorized as well.

Development Update

The construction of Blue World City Islamabad as a whole is moving quickly. With this, 1115.125 acres of property for this block has purchased, making it completely dedicated. This block now has its entrance, and construction is progressing quickly on the surface. The main avenue of Sports Block is 208 feet wide and has a state of building. Defence Highway is on the main thoroughfare.

Features of Sports Valley

Facilities, benefits, and amenities are what make every city whole. Blue World City in Islamabad is Asia’s biggest intended tourist hotspot and the first in Pakistan. Sports Valley is in line with the incentives that BWC is putting in place. For more info about Water front blue world city contact us on this link.

The block neighbourhood will feature first-rate, beautiful, modern amenities and first-rate design. This block has the following characteristics:

  • A Superior Entrance
  • Gated Community 
  • Continuous Protection Monitoring
  • Health Facility
  • Educational centres
  • Underground Electricity & Gas system
  • Mosques
  • Parks
  •  Carpeted Roads
  • Streetlights
  • Recreational areas 
  • Cinemas
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Wilde life parks
  • Graveyard
  • Grid station

Why Invest in this Sports Valley?

The low down payment and plot prices are two of the most significant advantages of investing in Blue World City Sports Valley. Owners and investors alike are drawn to the cheap 7.5% down payment and convenient 4-year payment structure.

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Some of the primary reasons for participating in any area include location, accessibility, reputable proprietors and builders, on-the-ground growth, upcoming infrastructures, first-rate assets, amenities, beauty, and a good return on investment 

this block offers it all! The location is exceptional; the owners and developers are respectable BGC; on-ground work is underway; this block comprises international infrastructure, global utilities, facilities, and activities.


The planned block has expected to be a tremendous addition to the area. With residential properties measuring 5, 8 and 10 Marla and 1 Kanal and a cutting-edge stadium, this appears to be an excellent place for sports fanatics to live.

We believe you now see why you should buy  Block. Continue to visit our site to obtain information about its payment Plan and advice. We provide excellent services to BWC purchasers.

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