People are always fascinated by astronomical bodies and the Moon comes first of them. Earth or moon lamps are considered famous gifting ideas and home décor items that everyone loves to look at. You must be wondering what is it exactly?  A moon lamp is a perfect replication of the moon’s topography. It has all the ridges and craters that the real Moon has. It can be a perfect birthday gift for anyone as it will multiply the happiness ten times.

How moon lamps are created?

A non-toxic PLZ material is used to make these 3D moon lamps. The diameter usually varies between 14cm and 17 cm. Multiple layers are created to replicate the real Moon topography. A remote is attached to this 3D lamp, which allows you to change colours in multiple stages. You can set the colour as per your current mood. A touch button is also there to control the light. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a micro – USB cable. If charged fully, it will last for a minimum of 8 hours. The whole thing is strongly attached to a wooden base providing the required support.

If you want to make it personalized for your friend or anyone from the family, you should provide a photograph. The artist will print it on the lamp surface. When light is on, it feels like the real Moon is glowing inside your bedroom.

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Reasons why moon lamps are perfect as a gift:

  • A perfect night lamp: it’s the perfect way to transform a boring night into a beautiful experience. Due to its spherical shape, the lamp radiates a 360-degree light beam. You can switch between cool white, creamy white, warm white and so many other shades of light. It sets the perfect relaxing mood for the night.
  • Portable and rechargeable: you should use a product that not only looks beautiful but also portable and easy to use. Connect the lamp with the USB cable and charge the battery. It comes with a rechargeable battery. Now, you have 8 long hours to enjoy the replicated moon inside your bedroom. You can easily move the lamp anywhere for storage and cleaning the room. Children can safely hold it in their hands. As it is attached to a wooden stand, you can comfortably place it in their room.
  • Dimmed lamp, perfect for kid’s room: your kid’s room needs to be perfectly lit. It also requires having the right night lamp that makes them sleep in a relaxed mood. The nightlamp should have required brightness that helps your kids to walk down the bathroom in midnights. A pleasant atmosphere needs to be created here. You should plan well about the light sources and qualities.
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Look for a dimmed light that helps them rest and fall asleep.

A romantic personalized gift: personalized moon lamp is a perfect gift for your girlfriend. Celebrate her birthday or your meeting anniversary with such a beautiful picture-printed lamp. It will radiate calm lights around the room and makes your loved one feel special, she will love to treasure.

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