One of the factors contributing to people not getting a traditional loan is their poor credit score. For example, getting a loan through the bank is tiring because of the processes involved. 

But, besides the stress and time spent getting the loan, most people are not qualified for the loan because of their credit score. The advantage of people having this lousy credit is that private lenders have more interested borrowers.

Individuals look for same day loans for bad credit when they have a poor rating and require quick cash that they can get quickly. When they contact a creditor, they can get this done quickly.

Payday Loans UK has offered borrowers help to get a loan even when their rating is poor. A potential borrower only needs to apply, get approval and receive the money sent to them the same day after approval.

There are times when the loan may be sent within 24 hours, but it never passes 24 hours because borrowers choose this loan method because of the swiftness involved in receiving the money they need.

Even when you can contact a loan agency like Payday Loans UK to get the money you need, it is essential to maintain a perfect credit rating because you don’t know when you may need to contact a bank for a traditional loan.

Causes of bad rating

As previously stated, having bad credit makes it impossible for people to borrow money from the Bank. This is why an individual should know what causes this poor rating so that they will prevent them from occurring. The causes included:

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Refusal to make payments on time

Individuals who fail to make their payments right on time have poor ratings because an individual who can repay credit on time takes up to 35% of the score, and when you constantly default, the rating will be low. 

To prevent this, ensure you send prompt payments to the appropriate service providers because turning your alarming rates into good ones is time-consuming. So, preventing it from happening is helpful.

Declaring bankruptcy

A declaration of bankruptcy is a significant way an individual can have a poor rating. Not only can an individual declare bankruptcy, but a business, company, entity, or conglomerate can do so.

People file for bankruptcy so that they can receive legal protection. But, it affects your ability to get loans from banks or other financial institutions. But, some creditors will be willing to lend it to you even after seeing the record.

Having a financial plan and ensuring you have savings can prevent you from reaching the point where you must file for bankruptcy. Having your credit history destroyed is precisely what you don’t need.


Getting a charge-off on your credit history proves that you got money from a creditor, failed to pay it back, and the creditor has found it challenging to get the payback money from you. Hence, the charge-off.

The bad thing is that when you have this charge-off reflected on your ratings is proof that you are not trustworthy enough to receive loans from a creditor. You must still pay off the debt caused by the charge-off to your creditor.

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Most people run into the problem of finding it unable to pay back loans because they borrowed more cash than the resources they had to pay back. Borrowing only the cash you can repay and repaying it on time so that the interest won’t multiply to a ludicrous amount will prevent this.

Defaulting in repaying loans

Defaulting when repaying loans is a considerable risk for borrowers because it contributes to their poor credit rating. Most creditors will ensure that it is reflected in their score.

It isn’t enjoyable because it discourages lenders from offering you loans when they notice you have a history of defaulting on payments. A borrower must take steps to ensure timely loan repayment to avoid this. They can ask the lender for an extension of time if paying it back on time will be difficult; generally, lenders are prepared to comply.

How to raise your score

If you want to apply for a regular loan, you must make sure that you have improved your credit score to place yourself in a better position. Rebuilding takes time, depending on how long you have forgotten to keep it updated. However, depending on the problem that led to the low rating, you may be able to raise it.

Ensuring that you repay all your debts and having them reflect on your record can be a good boost you need. After this, ensure you don’t make late payments on your loans or debts.

Another step is to ask a friend or family member to be added as an authorized user of their account if they have a perfect credit score. The wonder in boosting your rating is fantastic.

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Limiting the number of hard inquiries on your ratings will help improve your score. Applying for a loan, mortgage, or other essential things often requires checks on your credit rating. Most of these checks are complex, leading to adverse causes on your ratings, especially when there have been multiple inquiries in a short time frame.

Some people have old debts which have impacted their ratings for years, and they may want to rush off in paying the debt to boost their credit rating. While doing this is good, you should know that the effect you expect to see on your history won’t be as much as you want. 

Preventing yourself from having lousy credit initially will be beneficial to you. But, rebuilding your ratings is still possible if you work to rebuild them. It will help if you brace yourself because the changes you want will take time.

Final thoughts

Though receiving a loan from creditors is often not affected by your ratings. Creditors will still grant you loans when you reach out to them through loan agencies like Payday Loans UK. It is pertinent you still maintain an excellent rating, and you never know when it will come in handy.

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