Keeping the genital area clean is really important even when you are not menstruating. But when Aunt Flo arrives you need to pay utmost attention to keeping your genitals clean. If adequate care is not taken due to high pH levels your vagina can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Also keeping yourself clean will help you feel comfortable and confident. Here is how you can maintain hygiene while menstruating: 

Wash up twice a day:

Just like other organs and parts of your body your vagina needs to be kept clean too. But since it is a sensitive organ you need to be a little cautious while cleaning it. Use a mild and gentle soap to wash your genital area thoroughly. When on periods, the washing can be done two to three times in a day. The Best Gynecologist in Lahore advises against washing the vagina from within. It is because vagina is a self cleaning organ and being exposed to fragrant and chemical based products can disturb its pH levels. Also one must avoid wiping the genital area from back to front and always wipe from front to back to avoid transmission of bacteria from anus to urethra. 

Change the sanitary product frequently:

No matter whichever period product you are using, it is essential to change it within every 2-4 hours. If a sanitary product is left unchanged for more than 6 hours it can cause urinary tract infections, vaginal infections and rashes on the skin. It is because when the blood exiting your body comes in contact with sweat the bacteria in it multiplies. Tampon users should stay extremely vigilant about changing the product because if a tampon is left inside the vagina for a long time it can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). If you are using a menstrual cup make sure to wash it thoroughly before putting it back on. Not changing the sanitary products frequently can also leave you with a bad odor which in turn will steal your confidence and self-esteem. 

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Take a bath regularly:

It is a common practice especially in Asian countries to discontinue taking a bath when on periods. The good news is it is just a myth that taking a bath while being on periods can harm your reproductive organs. Infact women can take as many baths as they like in a day. Taking a bath can help you stay clean down there and take away all the bad odor. Also taking baths help some women in relieving period cramps and improving their mood. After taking a bath women should dress in loose airy clothing and avoid wearing tight fitted trousers to stay comfortable. 

Bottom Line:

Connecting with a certified doctor like a Gynecologist in Karachi is always a good idea if you have questions about maintaining hygiene in your private areas. They will give you a thorough guideline of what to do and what not do to stay squeaky clean down there. 

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