Maharashtra is a state of India and has a significant part of the Deccan plateau. This is one of the best places for relaxing and taking a break from work.

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Situated on the Deccan plateau, the glamour of Maharashtra is very tempting. It is an exciting place for camping. There are many camping sites to explore and enjoy your time.

1. Pawna Lake camp
2. Alibaug Beach Camp
3. Bhandardara Beach Camp
4. Kaas Plateau
5. Vaitarna Camp

Camping is the best way to bond with nature and a moment far from technology. Our lives are super engaged with things running on a day-to-day ground. It is a good opportunity for friends and families to have time for themselves and appreciate nature away from home.


● Alibaug Beach Camp:

Alibaug is a small town located in Konkan, Maharashtra. It is about 150km from Pune and 96km from Mumbai. It is very well-known for its beaches. There are forts and temples to explore.

It is famous among visitors during weekends and is symbolised "mini Goa " Alibaug beach is around 1.5 km by bus and takes an hour to reach the beach. It is the main beach of the town with blackish sand and pebbles. This is very famous for its pure coastline.

The sunset view is very pleasing to experience here. There are many activities you can plan your camping. The visitors can enjoy relaxing in the hammocks, walking around the beach, playing games like volleyball, football etc. The BBQ party at the campsite with a bonfire and music.

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● Bhandardara camping:

Bhandardara is near Arthur Lake, Murshet Village of Maharashtra. The camp is at a distance of 165 km from Mumbai. It’s around 175 km from Pune. It is a hotspot of natural standout which draws tourists. It has falls and hills to explore the camping trip.

Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake. The lovely sight of sunset and nature is peaceful. At night you can enjoy the star-filled sky with family and loved ones. The food and camping facility is very satisfactory and well managed. These places are nearby to explore Pabargad Fort, Bhandardar Dam, Ratangad Fort, and Sandhan valley.

● Kaas Plateau camp

Kaas plateau is in Satara city at a distance of 25km. It is formed by igneous rock. It is home to different types of flowers. Every year winter, there is an exhibition of over 850 varieties of flowers. It is one of the most popular locations among visitors.

The tourists can go trekking and sightseeing around the plateau and places perfect for photography. It is famous for weekend campings.

● Vaitarna Camp

Vaitarna Camp is at Wakadpada, Mumbai. It is located near the Vaitarna river. It is encircled by tall trees that add a rejuvenating feel. There are fun-filled activities like trekking, sightseeing and stargazing through the telescope. The camp provides all the necessary arrangements for unforgettable experiences.


Pawna lake camp is in Lonavala, a famous place in Maharashtra. It is the perfect combination of mountains and lakes for camping. For a nature lover, this location is the best.

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Visitors can explore nearby like Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. There are many games to enjoy at the campsite. The climate of the place is very relaxing. It is the ideal location to spend time with family and friends.

Pawna lake camp can be reached using local transport. It is 30km away from the Lonavala railway station. There are buses available to the Pawna lake camp.
The campsite has a parking area, power supply points, and good network connectivity for communication.

The daytime, you can explore nearby places. The sunset is gorgeous to glimpse. In the camp, you can enjoy varieties of local food with a bonfire under the night sky and a pleasing climate. It is a very pleasing spot for spending a night in a tent.


Visitors can enjoy it from October to December. The lake, mountains and nearby places can be visited with family and friends for refreshment from busy life.

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