Publishing guest posts for businesses is one of the most effective ways of boosting your brand awareness and generating more leads from your business. In case you aren’t familiar, guest posting is considered the #1 white hat SEO link building technique, and it certainly delivers some results! But if you’re not aware of this incredible concept, you definitely need to get in on this. Let’s start with what guest posting really is.

What is A Guest Post? Why is it so important?

Guest posting is the process of writing content for another blog site and publishing it with your link integrated into that post. Guest posting is one of the most rewarding link building methods out there, as it allows your link to be integrated into credible sites with the right context surrounding your link. 

Quality guest posts also allow you to build sustainable healthy relationships in the community by providing engaging and native content to your partnering sites. That is why guest posts for businesses are such a trending SEO link building technique. 

So, now that you have a basic idea of what guest posting is and why it’s considered one of the most effective link building techniques, we can dig a little deeper.

Types of Guest Posting

There are a lot of methods to go about guest posting. There are several types of guest posts you can make. Here are some of the most common types of guest posting ideas!


  • Case Studies
  • Survey-based posts/Data reports
  • Tutorials (How-to posts)

Guest posting is only as attractive as the creativity behind it. So, be unique and ensure that your content is completely error-free and engaging in order to attract as many leads as possible! 

If you don’t have an independent team of content writers available to write and publish quality content for your guest posts, there’s no need to worry! There are reputable link-building agencies on the market that offer exceptional guest posting services for businesses of all niches. 

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How Does Guest Posting Work?

Publishing guest posts for businesses is a relatively straightforward process. You find the right brands and blog sites to partner with, you reach out to them, and if they see a benefit in including your link in their site, they’ll accept your offer, and you can write and publish a guest post on their website. To walk you through the process in simple steps, here’s an overview:

Step 1: Discovering and picking the right people

Understand your brand’s niche, and find relevant guest blogging sites that you believe will benefit you. Once you’ve picked the relevant sites, you have to vet them properly. What we mean by that is you have to make sure that their traffic is real, they are practising white hat SEO techniques, and that their site checks all the boxes in terms of authority scores, ratings and so on. For that, you can use any industry standard SEO tools like semrush, moz, etc.

Step 2: Blogger Outreach

This might sound like a familiar one, but blogger outreach is one of the most important steps in making guest posts for businesses. Once you’ve selected and tested your prospects, you have to reach out to them to pitch them your offer. Be professional, concise, and considerate, but most importantly, identify and highlight your selling point, which they can’t resist. Some sites need quality content, and you can offer them that with guest posts! It just depends on the situation.

Step 3: Happy Guest Posting!

Now that you have a blog site willing to partner with you, you can go ahead and write quality guest posts and publish them on their website. This allows that brand’s traffic to see that post and click on the link that leads straight to your website, thus, providing you with more visitors and potential customers!

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So, now that you’re familiar with everything about guest posting, you might start to realise the reason why it is immensely important in the world of link building. If you want experienced professionals to handle this for you, you can order high-quality guest posting services from a trusted link building company such as TheDigitalXperts.

To sweeten the pot, we have included five tips on how to ensure that your guest posts serve as an effective advertising tool for your business!

5 Tips To Ensure Your Guest Posts Are Effective Advertising For Your Business

We’ve come up with a list of five incredible tips that are guaranteed to make your guest posts for businesses more effective and rewarding! Take a look:


Relevancy is a factor that cannot be stressed enough! This is something that not only search engines value but customers too. You have to absolutely make sure that your guest post and your content are relevant to the guest blogging site and your link placement is natural. Everything has to flow naturally, relevantly, and smoothly! You cannot risk readers thinking about your link as spam. Not only would that ruin your brand credibility, but also throw all your efforts down the drain. So, number one, relevancy!

Engaging quality content

The next important tip we have for you is quality content. If your content is not engaging, attractive and considered as a piece of quality content, your guest post will not provide you with the rewards you were expecting it to provide. Ensure that your guest posts are composed of quality content that is guaranteed to attract as many customers as possible. Your link won’t matter if the content surrounding your link is not engaging the readers. Practise rigorous quality control checks for your content to ensure no erroneous content is published.

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Another tip we found important is the promotion of your guest post. This is something the blog site you just published a guest post on should do, but you should promote your guest post on your own social media too. This ensures that the maximum number of eyes are on your guest post, thus, boosting your customer engagement and leads!

Genuine guidance

It is a known fact that posts that offer genuine guidance on a matter are bound to engage audiences, unlike anything! Try to make ‘how-to’ guides and posts that offer actionable advice on something. This will gain your reader’s trust and tempt them to click on your link. 

Focus on your expertise

Stick to your area of expertise. If you are good at writing about technology, write exceptional guest posts about technology. Our point is that cash in your expertise. You should avoid going way out of your way and writing a guest post on a topic you know very little about. Just stick with what you know, and your readers will get a sense of trust when reading your guest post!

So, these were some top tips on how to make effective guest posts for business; at the end of the day, creativity is the first and one of the most important aspects of any content. What’s the other? Quality! Quality content is absolutely crucial when it comes to guest posts. This is why businesses tend to hire experienced SEO agencies that have professional content writers!

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