Face Recognition It is already clear how important it is to properly record the attendance of your employees. However, the conventional way of manually writing and calculating the hours turned out to be time-consuming and prone to errors. This ultimately increased the dissatisfaction of both workers and employers. 

For that reason, time tracking has been significantly modernized. Apart from the digital calculation of hours, we now have the opportunity to use technologies such as a face recognition time clock app. In this article, we’ll talk about how facial recognition is changing and improving tracking. Keep reading and find out more. 

Automatization of the time-tracking system

Automatization of the system means there is no need for a person to do manual work regarding time-tracking. You no longer need constant surveillance on the tracking system since everything is written automatically. only need to open up the system to observe behavior and proceed with the payments. 

By using the face recognition time clock application, you only need to open up the system to observe the reported stats such as regular and overtime hours and absences. That way, the automatically collected hours leave no space for an error which leads to accurate payments afterward. 

Reduced labor costs

Due to the automatization, and ability to accurately work without errors, you don’t need to hire a person to do this job which ultimately saves you labor costs.

In addition, the accurate representation of every hour worked by your employees leads to appropriate payroll. The face recognition time clock application prevents fraudulence in a form of punching hours for other employees. This is a serious concern for every owner since paying for hours in vain can seriously drain the budget. 

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Improved security

If you have installed a separate facial recognition unit, the security of your firm has been significantly improved. With that, you can divide your company into departments, and limit the entrance of the employees. In case there is an intruder, you have evidence of their face print if an investigation is needed.

Increased time efficiency

Imagine manually writing data for every employee in the firm and then proceeding to calculate their weekly hours. This is extremely demanding and causes many mistakes that can happen. On the other hand, each employee lining up to write their name is not efficient as well. 

Such bottlenecks can be also a cause of contagious diseases. Instead, opting for a facial recognition solution helps employees to start working after passing the scan, and they are not touching any object. In addition, such units are great for remote working as well. They log in using their faces and get to work. 

Easy implementation 

There are two ways on how can facial recognition be implemented. First, and most practical solution is by using a mobile face recognition time clock application. We all have our phones with us at all times, and it is very easy for an employee to just open up the app, take a photo and begin working. 

The second way is by the installation of a separate device in front of the company’s door. As soon as the employees arrive, they stop at the unit, take a picture and if it matches their initial photo, they get access to enter, and their shift begins. 

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This makes facial recognition technology easy to apply, which significantly improves the performance of any business.

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