Pricing of your Comprehensive Guide products is the most defining thing regarding your business. You have to set the price of every product and every service by keeping several things in mind. You need to consider the total expenses, warehouse management, employees’ salaries, your profit, and several other things before setting a price for your product. This is a complex process and will take a lot of your time and effort. However, using a B2B SaaS pricing strategy will do the trick for you.

Using this strategy will allow you to decide the final price of a product in just 6 hours. And you don’t have to spend these six hours after every month, it’s forever. A SaaS strategy has several pricing models, which may create confusion for you as you are not aware of them. Therefore, you must have a clue about them so you can choose the perfect pricing model for your business or specific products. 

Following are some top listed pricing models of SaaS pricing strategy. Go through them for convenient pricing of your products. This will help to maintain the right balance between values and revenues. Let’s start exploring these models. 

Flat Rate Pricing Model

It’s the most straightforward pricing model by SaaS strategy. In this model, you only have to use some common simple steps. Your single product will be offered with a single set of different features. The price is set for a single product. This will remain the same in all conditions. Whether someone buys a complete stock, you will charge on a per-product basis. Following are the advantages of using It.

  • It’s easy to use. With this pricing model, you can sell your products quickly as you have the same price for all articles of a product. 
  • It is easy to understand this model. It is best for those who are new in the business field. 
  • Customers will like it as there is no complication in product prices. 
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Freemium Pricing Model

This pricing model is one of the most popular ones in the SaaS pricing strategy. This involves some free products for your customer. This free-to-use product is often given with some paid products or packages. The purpose of doing so can be attracting customers, promoting a product, or simply getting rid of an unsold product by developing good customer relations. It can be a trial product used to advertise your new product. You can check customers’ responses to this product. Here are some of the key benefits of using this pricing model.

  • Onboarding is very easy. Customers will get a product or service for free, and no entries will be required. Simple sign-up will do the job. 
  • It will increase users’ referrals towards the paid version of the same product. It will make it easy for you to develop a big market for your paid product before it even launches. 
  • Freemium pricing model will set a straight path for the selling of a product. Knowing the customers’ response, it will be easy for you to sell the product after delivering its free version. 

Tiered Pricing Model

It is one of the most used pricing models in SaaS industries. People use it to grab new customers and sell products quickly. It is opposite to the flat rate pricing model. In this model, you have to offer different prices for different numbers of products. For example, the price for a product will be different if an individual buys only a single article. 

However, it will be low when someone goes for a group of the same product, like 50 or 100 or even more pieces at a time. It is more like a wholesale process. You will offer different discounts just to grab some new customers and sell them your product in large quantities. Here are the benefits of having it. 

  • It will be appealing to many buyers. This will allow you to grab people from every category.
  • It will set a clear route for selling. 
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You have some top pricing models in your hand. Get Content Camel for your business and do a complete sales content audit. After that, you have to select a suitable pricing model for your products and start selling your products.

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