Compared with public universities in Singapore, private universities in Singapore provide a wider range of majors and a shorter course of study, and most importantly, those who graduate from private universities with excellent grades can also directly apply for a master’s degree in public universities in Singapore!

Advantages of Private Universities in Singapore

Low admission requirements and reasonable tuition fees

Since students have already taken language courses before entering undergraduate courses, these private universities have no language application for admission, and they have a start time every month.

The cost of private schools in Singapore is also relatively low. The annual tuition fee plus living expenses is about 30,000-400,000 SGD, which is far lower than the consumption of schools of the same level in Europe and the United States.

British education system, short duration

Generally, private universities in Singapore have an undergraduate program of 2-2.5 years, and a master’s program of 1 year; even taking into account the time for language/professional preparatory courses, most international students can complete their undergraduate and master’s degrees within 5 years.

Majors are set according to social needs

The original intention of many private universities in Singapore is to serve the economic development of Singapore, which endows private universities in Singapore with the characteristics of “employment-determining majors”, such as global popular finance, hotel management, multimedia communication, etc.

The majors of private schools in Singapore are set according to market needs, so graduates are easier to find employment. The median monthly salary of undergraduate graduates in the Singapore market is S$2,550.

Cooperation with foreign universities

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Singapore is the “golden springboard” for international students to study in Europe and the United States and other countries. According to the regulations of the Singapore government, private universities in Singapore must jointly run schools with European and American universities in order to grant undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas.

Many local schools cooperate with foreign universities in running schools. After students choose these programs, they can obtain European and American university certification, and some programs even provide the opportunity to study directly in European and American countries.

The curriculum systems, teaching methods,

and even the teaching faculty of these schools are synchronized with those of European and American universities, thus ensuring the quality of teaching. Moreover, these diplomas have the same recognition as those of their alma mater in Europe and America, which greatly increases the degree of recognition of the diplomas.

Popular Majors in Private Universities in Singapore

Here are 3 popular majors in private universities in Singapore. If you want to get more majors or course details in Singapore, please search via Course Finder.

Hotel and Tourism Management

Hospitality management in Singapore is one of the top ten hottest industries in the world. With an average of 9.5 million tourists per month, Singapore’s hospitality and tourism industries are among the top three in Asia.

In Singapore, hospitality and tourism management majors are in high demand in the domestic job market. The Singapore government has built two super large-scale integrated resorts, which will bring 70,000 jobs for related professions and 200,000 jobs for associated professions.

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Recommended institutions: East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore

Logistics management

Singapore has been voted the best logistics hub in Asia by the World Bank for ten consecutive years, providing world-class logistics services to the region and beyond.

The unprecedented boom in regional cross-border trade and consumption has cemented Singapore’s position as a safe and efficient hub for logistics and supply chain management.

For a port country with developed logistics such as Singapore, it is more eager for logistics talents, which is also an important reason for attracting international students.

Recommended institutions: Singapore KAPLAN College, Singapore PSB College

Financial Management

Singapore is the second largest private banking centre in the world after Switzerland, with a wide variety of finance-related jobs.

The entire industry includes various financial institutions such as banks, trust companies, credit unions, life insurance companies, property insurance companies, securities companies and investment agents. More than 300 of the world’s leading banks have branches in Singapore.

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