Never Arrive: 

Another way to say this is a that  true creative never arrive (if you don’t think

of yourself as a creative then you need to reread the Meaning Manifesto).

There are moments where everything feels just right and everything is in its 

  1. As soon as  you start thinking that you’ve “arrived“, you lose your edge.

If you can complete your work, you aren’t dreaming big enough. part of your 

Work is always growing. If arrival in a  given endeavor or project becomes 

Your focus ,you lose sight of the deeper longings.

Example sentence:

1: All of us have been waiting for you for two hours -but better late than never.

right place .But it’s important to remember that there is always another  step 

to take, another risk to grab hold of, and another dream to realize.


2: I know that it took me weeks to send the letter, but better late than never.

3: it took me three years to complete the training course but better  late than never,


4: He showed up for the wedding when they were already cutting the cake. Better

late than never,I suppose

5: I was thinking that you will not come to my help anymore-anyways,better late

then never.

Arrival  is not the point:

We see (and hear) this all the time in the music world. A  band makes some 

Amazing music -maybe it’s just one song, maybe it’s a whole album.

They blow up with radio play and sold out tours. Thay get invited to play on 

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Letterman and leno. They meet the president and even the pope.

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