Have you recently been in a car accident and are desperately Googling “car accident attorney near me”? Car accidents can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life, which is if they are lucky enough to have survived them. Statistics show that in the year 2020 alone, there were 35,766 fatal auto-vehicle collisions. Causes of car accidents entail driving under the influence, distractions to the driver, speeding, running red lights, etc. In this article, we are spreading some light on these common causes in order to educate people about road safety, potentially saving lives in the future.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is not only harmful to the driver but also to every driver around them. In the US, this is punishable by law and results in a criminal record. If you’ve had a drink, take a cab back home.

Distractions to the Driver

Distractions to the driver, such as texting, calling, and back seat driving by fellow passengers, all may result in a crash. It is advisable not to use your phone while driving and to not let your passengers distract you.

Running Red Lights

If you think you’re saving time by running a red light, remember that you’re also putting the lives of other people in danger. Traffic lights are in place for a reason, and it’s best to follow them.


A lot of drivers like to challenge each other to unlawful races, which results in over-speeding. This could potentially lead to a crash, as it is very difficult to navigate the vehicle while going at such a high-speed rate.

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Avoiding Safety Gear

If you do not wear your seatbelt, you’re putting yourself at risk of severe injury in the event of a crash. Safety gear is mandated by law, and the failure to follow this law results in a hefty penalty.

In conclusion, traffic laws are made for a reason. They are to be followed to keep all drivers and passengers on the road safe. While some of these laws may seem unnecessary to you, follow them anyway, and you might save a life. In case of poor road conditions, drive slowly and carefully in order to prevent future accidents. Similarly, in the case of bad weather like hail and snow, it is advisable not to drive at all. You can still reach your desired destination via the subway, bus, cycling, or walking. Get educated today, and save a life tomorrow. 

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