Document digitization is a reality of modern offices. Digital conversion offers vital benefits such as improved data security, faster access and reduction of paper clutter. To gain these benefits, it’s important to pick a scanner that suits your needs, volume and typical environment. This short guide reviews convenient one-touch scanning options from Fujitsu. 

Simplify Everyday Scanning

The ScanSnap-iX 1400 pulls together several signature Fujitsu features into one machine. The iX1400 boasts a 50-pager automatic document feeder plus duplex mode and a  scanning rate of up to 40 pages per minute. It also comes with manual feed mode, which lets you scan thicker materials like envelopes and plastic cards with ease. Photo scanning is also easier with auto-facial orientation and red-eye reduction.

As if that weren’t enough, the iX1400 saves in several formats: searchable PDF and JPEG plus Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This instant file creation makes saving your data even faster. With its clarity, accuracy and organization, finding your scanned data becomes even simpler. 

Easy, One-Button Scanning

One-Touch Scanning is a cornerstone feature of the iX1400. With the literal push of a button, the iX1400 scans your document and converts it using intelligent image processing. Paper separation and ultrasonic sensor features help detect different paper sizes, thicknesses and types. One-Touch Scanning pairs with other core features for added speed, accuracy and convenience.

Automatic Settings 

With the iX1400 you also benefit from several automatic settings: size detection, blank page removal, rotation, de-skewing and color detection. These features cut down on the extra work of switching settings and scanning separate pages for proper format and accuracy. 

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The iX1400 also integrates Multi-Feed Detection. This feature discerns paper overlaps and multiple page lengths within the same scan job. Scanning mixed documents with letter, legal, A4 and half-sheets is a breeze: You don’t need to stop and re-scan individual sheets or scan them into separate files to capture all your data. 

Easy Scanning and File Saving

The iX1400 also includes an intuitive Quick Menu with selections to scan directly to a folder, your email or ScanSnap Home cloud storage. You can even scan directly to your printer and generate another paper copy of your document. 

Fujitsu’s fi-8170

ScanSnap models are just a few powerful solutions from Fujitsu. The fi Series offers several options for more demanding workflows. Its flagship model, the fi-8170, integrates a color LCD panel that lets you choose your settings, scan and save with just a few button taps.

Heavy-Duty Functionality

The fi-8170 boasts a scanning rate of 70 pages per minute. It pairs duplex mode with a 100-page ADF incorporating enhanced handling and exit stacker design for easy loading and organization. It also comes with Multi-Feed Detection and manual feeding. The 8170 supports an expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets, making it a durable, accurate and reliable workhorse of a scanner. 

Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency 

Both the iX1400 and the fi-8170 are user-friendly models with one-touch scanning capabilities. Fujitsu offers these and many other models to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency in document digitization. 

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