The total time that the average person spends Driving Safety is increasing year by year. Shockingly, American adults spend a combined 70 billion hours behind the wheel every year.

With the increasing number of cars and people on the roads, the risk of road traffic incidents has never been higher. Taking precautionary steps to increase your driving safety is essential to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

How to Stay Safe While Driving

Many road traffic incidents are preventable with safe driving. Often, it’s something as simple as a lapse in concentration or becoming lazy with checking your mirrors that can lead to serious accidents and injuries. 

Here are some great ways to increase your driving safety so that you can avoid any nasty injuries or car accident lawsuits.

Get yourself some great driving gloves

Driving gloves can significantly improve your grip strength so you’re able to control your steering wheel properly. The more control you have over your vehicle, the quicker you’ll be able to respond to potential hazards on the roads.

A pair of driving gloves is a small investment that is absolutely worth your money. Not only are they functional but they also look great and keep your hands warm too!

Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure

Do you remember the car dealer giving you a hefty booklet when you purchased your vehicle? This is the vehicle manual and inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about your car.  

One of the specific details that you will find in your vehicle manual is the correct tire pressure for your car. By law, your tires must be inflated to a minimum tire tread depth, which is usually 1.6 mm.

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Driving with deflated or even flat tires is not only illegal but can also put your safety at risk. Flat tires make it much harder for you to properly control your vehicle, increasing the risk of road traffic collisions and accidents.

Get into the habit of regularly checking the pressure of each tire on your vehicle and pump them up using a tire pump if necessary.

Avoid tailgating other drivers

As tempting as it is to tailgate slow drivers, doing so is against the law. If the driver in front of you brakes quickly, you could easily collide with their vehicle if you’re driving too closely.

If you end up crashing into the vehicle in front, you could cause yourself and the other driver (and any passengers) serious injuries. You might also find yourself in the middle of an insurance claim.

To avoid injuries and lawsuits, keep a decent distance between the front of your car and the back of the vehicle in front. The laws around the specific distance that you should keep to avoid tailgating accidents are a little murky because it depends on the traffic and the size of the road, so you will need to trust your own judgment.

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