Simply put, it’s not ok to vape without priming the coil. If you try to vape without priming your coil, you will receive nasty burnt and dry hits. A coil in a vape device holds paramount importance. It heats the e-liquid and turns it into an inhalable vapour. 


If you do not prime your coil before you draw the puff, it will not heat the e-juice as it should. Moreover, It will badly influence the efficiency of your device and inadequately affects the performance of your coil and minimises its lifespan. (Get a disposable vape like elf bar device and kick start your smoking cessation journey today!)

Why do you Need to Prime your Coil?

You will receive a phenomenal flavour hit when you prime your coil appropriately. Coil without priming gives you a vile taste and ceases your vaping device’s functionality. 

  • Burnt and Dry hits:

A wicking material inside your coil is made of cotton. Before taking a puff, you must saturate the cotton with a few drops of e-liquid. If you forget to do that and you directly take a drag, you receive an unpleasant dry hit at the back of your throat. 

When there are not enough drops of e-juice on the wick, the coil starts heating the cotton, which eventually gives you a scorching taste. You should check for your coil if you have just bought a device and constantly get nasty hits at the back of your throat.

How to Prime the Coil? 

Make sure not to draw the puff hard. Otherwise, you will break your coil! If you have no idea of how to prime the coil, worry not! Here read this: 

  1. Add a few drops of e-juice to the wicking material through the hole of the coil. 
  2. Make sure the cotton completely saturates the e-juice. 
  3. Let your coil rest for 20 to 30 minutes. 
  4. Now screw your vape device and fill the tank with your favourite e-liquid. 
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If you are new to vaping and think you will create a mess with coils, you should use a disposable vape device. The device offers commendable features and is effortlessly easy to use. 

What Else do you Need to Know About Coil Priming:

You may get burning hits even after priming the coils. This normally happens with atomiser heads. Many people assume that priming means just saturating the wicking material, no! It’s even more than that. Vape Without Priming You cannot just add some drops onto the cotton and start taking puffs. 

The best way to prim the coil is to drip the e-liquid on the wick and around the coil. This way, your coil gets properly primed, and you will receive a better flavour. Another thing that is important in the priming process is ensuring primer puffs. 

Primer puffs make sure that your coils are 100% primed and that you should not get burn/dry hits. To take primer puffs, try inhaling the vapour without hitting the fire button, and if possible, try covering the airflow slots as well; Draw a few puffs from your device as you were vaping. In this way, the e-liquid absorbs into the wick more swiftly. 

Make sure not to draw the puff hard. Otherwise, you will break your coil!

Never Forget to Prime Your Coil, Else you Will Lose Your Money!

When you do not prime your coil, it gets faulty. Dealing with the faulty and damaged coils would be fiddly for beginner vapers. So make sure you do not forget to prime your coils. If you think you are too naive to deal with coils, try sticking with your disposable vape available at the online vape shop. Once you get used to that device, you can then jump to other devices. 

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