It is obligatory for every business owner or employer to make the workplace safe for their employees. This will not only secure a healthy environment in the organisation but also help in the steady growth of the organisation. But employers often fail to provide the utmost security in the workplace, eventually leading to harassment and discrimination of employees concerning their sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and race. Therefore, the option remains to seek help from an employment attorney who would assist the victim in seeking justice. The law office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg would be the best place to resort to if one has been facing constant workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

However, employers must adopt some preventive measures to check sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. Some of these preventive measures include:

Clear Policies Forbidding Discrimination:

Employers must establish anti-discrimination policies to ban any discriminatory or biased behaviour on the basis of the sexual orientation of an employee. The policies should be clear about all the rules and what would be considered sexual orientation discrimination. For instance, employees may entertain a different notion about the right concerning same-sex, but they can’t harass or pass illicit comments about someone’s sexual orientation.

Developing Anti-Discrimination Training Programs:

Along with developing clear policies, the employer must also provide anti-discrimination training, especially to the managers and supervisors, which should comprise various topics, including:

  • The appropriate method to address transgender employees and treat them 
  • The responsibility of the company when anyone sets a biased request 
  • The way federal law covers gender identity and sexual orientation
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Adopt Gender Neutral Aims:

To make sure that all the employee’s individual gender identities are respected, the employers must adopt a gender-neutral approach. For instance, if a dress code has been made obligatory for an organisation, it should be neutral. Additionally, developing gender-neutral restrooms would be the best way to adopt a gender-neutral aim for the organisation.

Include A Plan For Claim Investigation: 

Merely developing anti-discrimination policies would not work if they are not put into action. An employer also needs to ensure that the organisation has a plan in place to carry out an investigation on sexual orientation discrimination claims. It must include all the steps the victim must undertake after witnessing discrimination.

Final Thoughts:

Adopting all these preventive measures will secure a safe and peaceful work space both for the employees and the employer where they can focus on the accomplishment of future goals of the company.

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