Quality control plays an important role in all manufacturing, Importance Auditing Factories whether you’re producing millions of units of one product or just one handcrafted piece of furniture. In fact, quality control is so important that it’s even been added to the name of several organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In order to ensure the high quality of your products or services, you need to periodically audit the factories where they are produced. This article will explain how to find an auditor and what to look for in auditors as well as how to implement their feedback into your business model and production process.

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The Way to Increase Quality Control in China

Quality control in China is an important but often overlooked aspect of successful product sourcing. Before you make your first order, Importance Auditing Factories it’s vital to understand quality control in China. Quality control in China exists on a spectrum between allowing factories to self-certify their own quality and being physically present in every factory to oversee production; there’s no perfect way to ensure quality, but choosing a system that works for you can save you a lot of headaches and money down the road.

How to Pick a Factory

Before making a purchase from an overseas factory, you’ll want to do your due diligence and choose one that provides a quality product at a competitive price. It may be tempting to look for a factory that can provide you with cheap pricing as quickly as possible, but you should be wary of choosing a company just based on price.

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Quality control is extremely important in any business, whether it is being provided by an outside party or if it is part of your internal process. To ensure you are getting good value for your dollar spent and that your brand image won’t suffer because of poor quality control in China, always conduct factory audits prior to making purchases.

Why Is Third Party Inspection Important?

When sourcing products from overseas, it’s important to remember that your first point of contact isn’t always going to be your manufacturer. Many companies will choose a supplier who can act as an intermediary between themselves and their factories.  This can work out for you or against you depending on how comfortable you are with each party’s ability to conduct business ethically and professionally. One way to ensure business quality is by auditing suppliers before they ever begin production for you.

What Are Third Party Inspections Looking For?

Third party inspection companies are paid to scrutinize your manufacturing facility, so they’re looking for different things than your factory is. A factory audit might look at labor laws, material safety practices, environmental standards and more. While these inspections don’t typically last longer than 24 hours, they can take up to three days if there are concerns about quality control or working conditions in your factory.

Why Is Auditing Important?

Quality control is an integral part of any manufacturing process. When it comes to product sourcing, quality control is even more important as far too many suppliers do not abide by basic regulations and safety standards. A factory audit will help you catch any non-compliant conditions, rectify them before they get out of hand, and learn how to improve your entire supply chain process.

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What To Do After an Audit

A successful factory audit will highlight several areas that could use improvement. It’s important to follow up on these suggestions and make sure everything is addressed. Here are some basic steps you can take to ensure quality control in China: Conduct an audit check-up at regular intervals, often 6 months or once a year. Send an inspection team, even if it is just yourself at first


Every business owner knows that product quality is critical to keeping customers happy. Yet so many companies get lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to their China-based suppliers. They think, If I don’t see any problems, how can there be any problems? Well, auditing factories in China and elsewhere isn’t glamorous work—but it’s essential to keep your business from being saddled with products you can’t sell due to poor quality control.

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