When it comes to software and website development processes, testing is a major part of it. As a matter of fact, it is one of the final stages of product release, which further pushed the product into production.

In all honesty, it is an existing phase, but you need to make sure that you get it right. During the testing phase, your development team will utilize a sandbox environment. But, what is a sandbox environment in the first place?

Sandbox environments allow software developers to simulate a virtual computer to further run and test the software application. Doing so, allows them to do these tests without worrying about affecting other network and program components.

In this article, we will discuss what a sandbox environment is, what it is used for, and why it is important. We hope you are connected to a fast enough internet connection such as spectrum internet so that you enjoy reading this in one go, learn more about internet packages spectrum offers.

What Does Sandbox Environment Mean?

As shared above, a sandbox environment refers to a virtual sauce that allows computer codes to be implemented in isolation. This will not affect the surrounding application and network. Sandbox environments are used in both cybersecurity and web development to rear, monitor, and experiment with software in a safe manner.

What is the purpose of sandboxes? Well, this provides a testing environment that resembles the production environment. In other words, the true conditions of software can run inside. That said, it is separately used from the company’s other resources, such as databases that keep customer information or servers being used to run other applications and websites.

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This way, if an issue comes up with the testing, it will be confined to the sandbox and will not affect other important systems. Once the sandbox code has been fully tested and ready to work, it can then be moved for production, which makes it accessible to other developers and end-users.

When Are Sandbox Environments Used?

Sandbox environments are typically used during cybersecurity and software development testing. Let’s talk more about them below:


Sandboxes are used for the purpose of doing cybersecurity tests but in isolation. Security specialists can implement programs within the sandbox that they believe might consist of malicious code while ensuring that the effects of the tests do not affect their local networks, other host devices, and important resources.

A sandbox is somewhat like a cage in which you can let a virus roam freely without it having the ability to hear its surroundings. In fact, a sandbox can also be used when an organization receives suspicious email attachments and wants to test for malware.

This environment can also be used to do further research on malware technologies. In addition, a sandbox can be used to test if a browser has malware in it. How? Well, instead of visiting the websites, you can install the browser in a sandbox, and access it through it.

If there is malware, it will only be restricted to the sandbox, thus keeping the other computing system safe.

Software Development

Each time a software feature is changed or introduced, it has to be tested to not only identify but cure bugs before it is moved to the production stage.

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Let’s face it. It does not make sense to run tests on an application’s or website’s live code. Instead, software developers utilize sandbox environments for this form of testing, Sandboxes stimulate real operating systems and offer a safe place to address and catch errors.

Moreover, quality assurance testing might also happen within a sandbox environment before it is deployed for production.

How to Create a Sandbox Environment?

The setup of a sandbox environment ultimately depends on how you plan on using it. Typically, sandbox environments function on virtual machines. These machines emulate your computer but instead of using hardware, it uses the software.

This way, any effect caused by the software deployed through the virtual machines will stay within it. The most common virtual machine that is used for both Windows and macOS, is VirtualBox. You can easily install it on your computer and build a virtual system.

When you do create a sandbox, it is important that the testing environment stimulates the production environment as realistically as possible. You need to have access to storage, processing power, and RAM.

All if they might sound like a sci-fi movie that you might have watched, but it is very much real now.

Final Thoughts

Sandbox environments have introduced the possibility of software testing. They not only protect your program from glitches or malware but allow you to do the testing uninterrupted. Sandbox environments have improved cybersecurity and software development to a great extent.

We hope you now know what a sandbox environment is and how it can be utilized.

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