With the tick population rising and tick-borne diseases affecting both humans and their pets, it is important that you focus your attention on the dangers of ticks. One of the worst things about ticks is that they can survive anywhere. Whether you are on the beach, trekking in the mountains, or barbequing in your backyard, ticks are ready for attack. 

While the most annoying thing about ticks is their bites, they can also carry dangerous diseases. Some tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis are serious health conditions that need immediate medical attention. If you suspect ticks in your home, call pest control plans College Station today. 

Is a tick bite dangerous for humans?

Whether a tick bite is dangerous for humans depends on a number of factors. 

Immune system health. 

Old people, babies, and people with weak immune systems are more likely to be affected by ticks. People with a strong immune system do not experience much inconvenience if the condition is diagnosed at its early stages. 

Stage of illness. 

Whether a tick bite will affect your health depends on how long you have been infected with the disease. The longer you go without diagnosis and treatment, the greater the risk. However, if you are not treated in the early stages, the disease could progress into something more severe. 

How to create a tick-free zone 

Here are some simple tricks that will help you prevent ticks in your backyard and home. 

  • Keep your garden neat and clean, and get rid of leaf litter as regularly as possible. 
  • Build a barrier between your home and your lawns to prevent ticks from easily entering the property. 
  • Buy a pesticide especially used to prevent and kill off ticks. 
  • Make use of natural tick repellants such as garlic oil, fungus, and mixed essential oils. 
  • If you have been outside for long hours, check out your body in the bath for ticks and remove them as much as possible. 
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Here are some spots where you might find ticks on your body: 

  • Hairline
  • Inside and behind ears
  • Behind knees
  • Between toes
  • Back of neck
  • Around waistline
  • Groin
  • Armpits
  • Inside belly button
  • Legs

Are all ticks dangerous?

No. Not all ticks are dangerous. Only some ticks carry disease-causing germs, and some of these ticks are not even capable of transmitting these germs to humans and other animals. Still, the possibility of acquiring a tick-borne disease is high enough for you to worry about. 

If you have ticks in your home, do not wait for the situation to worsen. Call pest control in College Station today. 

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