Crazy Eight or Eight-card game is one of the popular online casino games among card players that is being played all over the world. Any number of players can play this game between 2 and 8. As you add more players to the game, it becomes more exciting.

If you want to make crazy eight-game more interesting adding as many players as possible is recommended. Adding the player will leave fewer cards for each player and makes the game span shorter. Hence you will enjoy playing the game with more players as compared to 2 or 3 players.

Versions of this game

Crazy eight has a lot of different versions and names such as Switch, Swedish Rummy, Rockway, etc. Britain Players of this game also refer to it as “Black Jack” this can become confusing because of the popular card game “Blackjack”.

Gameplay of Eight-Card

In crazy eight if there are only 2 players then both players will get 7 cards from 1 deck of 52 cards. In case of more than 2 players then 2 decks of 52 cards will be used and each player will get 5 cards, and the remaining cards will create the inventory of all the cards dealt face down.

As the game starts a card will be drawn by the player from the discard pile and if that card is ‘8” it will be buried back and then the next card from the top will be drawn, this way the game gets started.

Point Distribution:

In this game points of all the cards are not the same, points distribution among cards is as follows:

  • Cards starting from 2 to 9 are equal to their value, excluding card number 8.
  • Card number 8 has 50 points.
  • Every Ace is worth 1 point
  • All Cards from the 10 to the king has 10 points
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Tips for Eight-card Game

  • Remember to play the top card 1st in crazy eights if you are going for points or to match the suit.
  • It’s best to keep the track of which suit made them pick the card from the stockpile that can help you access the situation better and make better decisions.
  • To discard the most number of cards you should choose a suit that matches the most of your cards.
  • Whenever you through an eight make sure to pick the exact suit that your opponent does not possess.

Best place to play crazy card games online 

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As you know the whole idea of the game and how to win this game effectively is to discard the most number of cards as soon as possible. In the end, whoever has the lowest point of all will be the winner of the game crazy eight.

It’s a pretty simple and fun game to play with your friends and family to get the best experience of card games. After going through these tips should be able to play this game better than a beginner level.

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