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Top 7 International Construction Companies

Top 7 International Construction Companies

Read the following article to learn about the top 7 international construction companies. 

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Every day, thousands of real estate ventures embark on in the world. Especially in the 21st century, the world witnessed some major developments regarding innovative architecture, constructions, and buildings. The surprising aspect of these developments is we are merely into the third decade of the century. God knows what the situation will be when we make it to the latter half of the century.

Competition in construction companies

The more we think about the developments in real estate, the more it becomes an enigma to us. Every company is in the race with its counterparts to bring the latest models of architects, construction plans, and cutting-edge technologies. The companies that have made it to the list of successful and proven companies are in number. We will find out how they reach the point of culmination and the secret behind their top position. 

Top 7 international construction companies in the world

Following are those companies that have been bossing the real estate world for decades and are considered the top 7 international construction companies globally. 


VINCI is a France-based construction company that came into being in 1899. It is widely known as the best and most profitable construction company globally. In 2020, the total income was 1.15 billion euros. However, the company’s total asset was 91 billion euros. 

2. ACS Group

Do you watch football? If yes, you will surely know about Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid. Grupo ACS belongs to him. It is right up there with VINCI on the list of best construction companies in the world. The company’s revenue in 2019 was 39 billion euros.  

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3. Bechtel, San Fransisco 

Bechtel is an American-based construction, engineering, and project management company running since 1889. In 2019, the company achieved a milestone of $22 billion in total revenue along with USD 9.6 billion in new projects and USD 38 billion in the backlog. 

4. Emaar Properties

The name, the brand, the skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is the flagship project of Emaar Properties. A Dubai-based construction company that has redefined the architecture customs has been in business since 1997. Its market value in 2021 was USD 15.5 billion. You can also buy plots 1947 Housing


Who would have thought that Hitler’s Germany after World War II would give the world the best construction firm in the shape of HOCHTIEF? In 2021, with all the restrictions of the novel Corona Virus outbreak, the company recorded a net income of 157.2 million euros. The net worth was goliath compared to the contemporary companies. 



According to Global Magazine, SKANSKA is the 5th largest construction company in the world. It is a Sweden-based company that total revenue in 2021 was US$ 17 billion. We can see its size by the number of permanent employees. It currently has 28221 employees.

7. Balfour Beatty

George Balfour and Andrew Beatty, in1909, founded a state-of-the-art construction company which latte they named after their surname. The company is known as Balfour Beatty and is home to more than26,000 employees. In 2021, the company’s revenue was 8.28 billion. However, the recent development shows that the company will soon make it to the list of the top 5 construction companies in the world. People’s perception of Balfour Beatty is they think it is based in England, which is not true. Intrinsically, it is operating in Scotland. 

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The companies mentioned above are considered the top 7 international construction companies in the world. Their work has proven that a company can reach the point that others can only dream of with zeal and passion. Invest in Lahore Smart City

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