The Paramount plus/xfinity packages give you the most popular channels at the lowest price. Plus, you get the most popular sports networks and premium networks as part of a single programming package. Xfinity Triple Play TV Package With this package, you get three months of free Showtime with no credit check.

This offer is good for one year from your date of purchase. Showtime is available in more than 30 million homes and is the # 1 network for the 18-34 and 25-54 demographics. You’ll have access to over 100 different original series, movies and sports events. DirecTV Now $35 per month Get unlimited access to live TV streaming for as low as $35 per month.

Manage Your Paramount plus/xfinity Subscription on Xfinity

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched the Manage Your Paramount+ Subscription on Xfinity portal. This portal provides customers with quick access to their Paramount+ account information, including billing status, order history, available devices, and more.  Learn how to manage your Paramount+ Subscription on Xfinity. If you need to cancel your subscription, or you want to add another subscription, you can do it from here.

1.To get started, visit For help or questions about your Xfinity TV subscription, please contact Customer Service at

Check the Status of Your Paramount+ Subscription

You can check the status of your Paramount+ subscription in your Account Dashboard or from the My Paramount+ page. You can also check the status of your individual subscription by visiting the Support Page. If you have a question about your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or email.

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Upgrade or Downgrade Your Paramount+ Subscription

If you have an existing Paramount plus/xfinity subscription that you need to upgrade or downgrade, this blog contains the information you need to do so. You’ll learn how to access the website, download the software and perform the upgrade or downgrade.

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Cancel Your Paramount+ Subscription

Paramount plus/xfinity is the premiere source for premium and original movies, television shows, and entertainment news in Canada. Cancellation of your Paramount+ subscription will cause all of your premium content to be lost. In a world where we all have more options than ever before, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new, who’s releasing what, and why we should care.

That’s where the Canadian Entertainment Industry is here to help! We’ve put together this handy guide to everything happening in the world of entertainment. The latest buzz on everything from film and television to music and art. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the inside scoop first. This month’s highlights include:

How can I stream Paramount+ on my Xfinity device?

Xfinity subscribers get unlimited access to movies and TV shows through a variety of devices, including the Roku Streaming Stick, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple Airplay, iOS devices, Android devices, and game consoles. You can also watch on the big screen with a smart TV or home theater system.

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Xfinity offers an assortment of live sports programming, including local sports events, live college football and basketball games, plus live MLB games, NHL games, MLS games and UFC fights. Also offers more than 200 popular networks, including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Epix, Starz, The CW, TBS, TNT, truTV, USA Network, and many more. Xfinity On Demand Xfinity On Demand is available to all Xfinity customers.

Stream Paramount plus/xfinity on your Xfinity device (existing subscribers) 

There are two methods for logging in. After you’ve installed the Paramount+ app on your phone or tablet: Watching TVSign in by going to Settings. Choose On my TV.

Select Sign In, then enter the the address and password you used to sign up for Paramount. Enter your username and password and select Log In. How do I set up a username and password? When you sign up for Paramount, you will be asked to create a username and password.

You can choose from a list of usernames that have already been created. How do I access the Paramount+ app? The app is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re using an Apple device, the app is available as a free download in the iTunes Store.

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