The United States Football League USFL Scores Today was a professional American football league that played for three seasons, from 1983 to 1986. The league was created as an alternative to the NFL. Despite strong initial interest, the USFL Scores Today was unable to sustain itself and folded after just three seasons. During its brief existence, the league saw some success, with several teams drawing large crowds and generating good television ratings.

Today, the USFL Scores Today is mostly remembered for its failed attempt to compete with the NFL. However, the league did have some positive impact on the game of football, and it is remembered by many fans and players. 

The United States Football League (USFL Scores Today) was a professional

spring American football league that operated in 1983 and 1984. It was created as an alternative to the National Football League (NFL). The USFL Scores Todayplayed its games during the NFL’s off-season and folded after its second season when several team owners were unable to agree on a plan to compete directly with the NFL. During its two-year existence, the league was able to sign some impressive talent, including future NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young. However, the league’s lack of quarterback stability and low attendance made it unable to sustain itself. The USFL ceased operations after its 1984 season. 

There is no legal connection between the new entity and the original United States Football League, which operated from 1983 to 1986 and was officially dissolved in 1990. However, Brian Woods, who had previously launched the Fall Experimental Football League and The Spring League, is the primary owner of the new league.

A subsidiary of Fox Sports

the National Spring Football League, has been established to operate the league with Woods demoted to a vice president role by October 2021. Most of the USFL’s trademarks were acquired by the new USFL Scores Today from The Spring League after the A-11 Football League failed to revive them. The new USFL does not have the same unpaid liabilities or television contract as the old USFL; it has a new contract with Fox Sports instead.

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While the USLF no longer exists as an active league, it’s legacy and rights are still owned by Steve Ehrhart. Ehrhart has stated that he’s refused numerous attempts to purchase the league, including by the people who founded the first version of the XFL. Ehrhart’s only goal is to protect the league’s legacy.

Rule changes unique to USFL Scores Today:

On March 23, 2022, the USFL announced a set of rule changes it would implement for its games. These league rule variations include the following:

Timing rules

The play clock will be 35 seconds, with 25 seconds for administrative stoppages and penalties. For the first three weeks of the 2022 season, the game clock will be stopped after each incomplete pass. However, after Week 4, the game clock will only be stopped during odd-numbered quarters (1st and 3rd). This change was announced on the eve of Week 4, in order to reduce game lengths to 3 hours or less.

In order to avoid excessive delays in game time, the clock will run only during play. The game will have two five-minute overtimes, with each team getting one possession. If the score is still tied after 10 minutes of overtime, the game will end in a tie.

Kickoffs and punts

The ball will be placed on the kicking team’s 25-yard line for all kickoffs in order to increase opportunities for kick returns and reduce the risk of a touchback. As per the regulation, the kicking team is not allowed to line up any further than one yard behind the ball. Also, the receiving team must have a minimum of eight players in the setup zone situated between the kicking team’s 35 and 45-yard lines.

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Standard play

The three primary points of divergence between the XFL’s variation of the game and the NFLs are as follows: first and foremost, the XFL debuted the two-forward pass rule in 2020. What this means is that a quarterback may attempt a second forward pass if the first one is batted down or deflected; In the XFL, there are a few key differences in the rules regarding receivers and offensive linemen.

Firstly, receivers must come to a complete stop before making a catch, unlike in the. NFL where they are allowed to keep running after making the catch. Secondly, on a forward pass play, an offensive lineman is allowed. Run downfield so long as the pass does not cross the line of scrimmage. Lastly, all catches in the XFL must be made with one foot in bounds, as opposed to the NFL where two feet in bounds is required. These subtle changes to the rules make the XFL a unique and exciting league to watch.

League finances

This is why your donation is so important: Fox Sports owns the league and has reportedly committed $150 million–$200 million. Three years to its operations, with plans to attract an additional $250 million from investors. While ticket prices for the 2022 regular season have not yet been finalized. It is estimated that they will be sold at $10 per person, with children aged 15 and under free.

For the two semi-final games, tickets are sold at $15 per person and children under 15 at $5. These prices are increased by $5 for the championship game. The league’s revenue is less than $10 million. Which disqualifies it from seeking P visas for players from outside the United States. Liam Dobson, a Canadian offensive lineman, was unable to play in the USFL because of the league’s lack of revenue.

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USFL Scores Today Teams

The league announced that the 2022 season will be played with a minimum of eight teams. In acquiring the rights to the USFL name and logo, the new league has also obtained the rights. The team names of the former league, including the Los Angeles Express, Chicago Blitz, Tampa Bay Bandits, and Houston Gamblers. Furthermore, the Generals rights are owned by The Spring League, another Woods entity. Since its original announcement, the USFL Scores. Today has acquired additional trademarks, including new team names such as the Birmingham Stallions. Jacksonville Bulls, and Portland Breakers, as well as variations on existing trademarks.

On November 22, 2021, eight teams were announced. Each team will have an active roster of 38 players and a practice squad of 7 players.


As more and more states legalize gambling, the USFL is preparing to take advantage of this new revenue stream. On March 3, 2022, the league announced that fifteen states have approved legal, regulated betting on USFL games. This could mean a big boost for the league, which has been struggling financially in recent years.

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